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5 Simple Truths Smart People Forget

truthWe sometimes see the smartest people struggle to get ahead because of some simple truths that they forget. These simple truths are required in order to make progress. Here is a quick reminder of them so you can get ahead.

#1. Education and intelligence require action.

You may be a PhD holder or a genius, but if you don’t take action, you will not make any progress in the real world. There is a very big difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it. Whatever intelligence and knowledge you have, put some action into it and see how things change for you.

#2. Happiness and success.

I have met highly successful people who have made millions and are the envy of people around them. But the sad part is, these people may be highly successful but are lonely, burnt out and depressed, and simply just not happy.

On the other hand, I have also met the happiest people who do not have many material things in their life. One example is my husband’s grandma, who is 92 and had a really hard life, but always has a smile to share. So happy and content with what she has and does in her daily life, she is the epitome of happiness.

Ask yourself what will make you happy and what will make you successful. These two different questions should give you two different answers……and then you know what to do to be truly happy and successful.

#3. Too many choices with every decision.

We live in a century where information moves faster than light, where opportunities are endless, where we also have too many choices when it comes to deciding things for our lives and careers. This abundance in choice does not make decision any easier, in fact we are often left indecisive, confused and unable to take action.

Compare this to a situation when you are in a boutique. You see three dresses that come in three colours and you can decide on one. What happens when you see 20 dresses that come in 10 colours each? Chances are, you will leave without a purchase. Deciding with too many options is more difficult.  If you are selling something, keep the product line simple. If you are making a life decision, don’t evaluate every last little detail. Look for something that you think will work and put all your energy into it.

#4. Emotional decisions.

Decisions made with heavy dependence on emotions are not always good judgments. When we make decisions based on feelings and not educated judgments, we end up making decisions that are not the best ones. The best advice here is not to let your emotions take over your intelligence. Before you make any decisions, make it a rule to think it through without emotions playing in your mind.

#5. Reluctance with opportunities.

The one big thing that holds back smart people is their own reluctance to grab an opportunity only because they think they aren’t ready. They think that they have yet to acquire the experience and skill to match the opportunity when in fact, they are more than ready. In reality, nobody is ever 100% ready when an opportunity knocks. Opportunities are what make us grow intellectually and emotionally; they make us look outside our comfort zones and this also means we will not be going in with full comfort. And when we are not comfortable, we think we are not ready. Remember the next time an opportunity comes calling, that you should grab it with both hands and not think of your readiness, but strive towards getting ready for it.

As a smart person yourself, never forget that you are capable of any challenge that is thrown at you.

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  • Eileen

    Regarding emotional decisions-one outcome of letting intelligence take over is the tendency to overthink and it doesn’t matter which brain is doing the thinking: the linear or the intuitive side.