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10 Life Changing Books Everyone MUST Read

reading a bookDon’t you just wish sometimes that life came with instructions book? Or at least something that would help you learn the hidden secrets of learning, communication and even living?

Did you know that if you treat each day as if it’s going to be your last, you’ll begin to appreciate life much more and will be much happier? After doing a thorough research, we’ve discovered 10 life changing books that could help each and every one of you to make the most of your lives.

how to win friends book1. How to Win Friends and Influence People

This might be one of the greatest self-improvement book of all time. For one, most of the books that were written in the 70+ (since the ever famous, Dale Carnegie, made this book available for everyone), tries to take a chapter from this and turn it into an entire book. This book holds the key to making the most out of every relationship, how to communicate effectively, and best of all, the critical lessons in life.

2. The Now Habitthe now habit book

Are you the type of person who always have a hard time getting things done? This book offers an outstanding way on how you could be more productive and accomplish your tasks without being stressed or pressured about it. Anxiety and stress? Remove them from your vocabulary and find out how you could have scheduled fun time and discover ways on how you could stay motivated even when you work. The Now Habit is great for college students and those who are trying to use their time wisely.

3. The Last LectureLast Lecture Book

A Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Paush made a book that’s filled with impacting life lessons that tackles about showing gratitude, setting goals, keeping your commitments, living life to the fullest, and last but not the least, working hard.

Yes, we’re not capable of changing the cards we’re born with, but we must learn how to play the hand. This is what this book is all about.

4. Mindsetmindset-book

A Columbia professor, Carol Dweck teaches the invaluable concepts of mindsets.
Once we understand the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, it would allow us to understand how a growth mindset could allow you to move on into the future tasks with the help of growth perspective.

The growth mindset doesn’t focus on either winning or losing, thus, about growing. Wherein, the efforts exerted, attempts, and the actual practice are the elements considered to be rewarding, not the end goal. An inspirational book that’s truly worth reading.

5. Talent is OverratedTalent is Overrated book

Ever wondered what it takes to be the greatest? Most say it’s dedication and hard work. With practice, it’s highly possible to be great at something. Did you know that the senior editor of fortune, Geoff Colvin, knows that delving deeper into the possibilities of your potential could lead to success. Aside from being a motivational piece, this book will open your eyes and make you realize that effort, combined with deliberate practice is your key to success.

For those who are trying to reach the peak of greatness, or perhaps considering to excel in whatever field that captured their spirit, this book is a clear invitation to attain that ambition.

4-hour work week book6. 4-Hour Work Week

For Tim Ferris, automating your work week, and looking for ways where you’ll have ample time to pursue what you really enjoy is the key to being successful. Those who are planning to start a business would find this book really helpful.
> Your personal blueprint if you want to live life on your own terms.

zen and the art of happiness book7. Zen and the Art of Happiness

This book is very helpful for those who want to eradicate the past qualms that might be obstructing them from reaching their full potential. Keep in mind, everything happens for a reason. Who knows, it could be the best possible thing that happened in your life.

outliers book8. Outliers: The Story of Success

Practice isn’t the only thing that you must do the moment you become good at something. Hence, it is what you do that makes you good.

Opportunity attracts opportunity. With this book, you’ll be on a journey where you’ll discover how the best and the brightest individuals reached the peak of their success. How their experiences, opportunity, and background helped them become what they are now. Moreover, it features “10,000 hours.” It is about how you could become an expert within that time by just exerting a little more effort.

think and grow rich book9. Think and Grow Rich

The author of this book, Napoleon Hill spent three decades of his life as he tracks down the richest and most successful individuals, worldwide. In this book, he revealed the habits and methods that these individuals have. Helping you achieve anything that your heart desires.

Bear in mind, that the starting point of success is DESIRE. Wherein, weak desires bestows weak results, similar to how a small fire only produces a little amount of heat.

how will you measure your life book10. How Will You Measure Your Life

This motivational book is ideal for graduates, college students, and even parents. Almost everyone would be able to relate in “How Will You Measure Your Life” as you find the answers in questions like, “How could you figure out what you want to do in life and what’s the most convenient way to get there.” With the application of theories in terms of management and innovation strategy for self-improvement, you’ll be able to see a broader picture of your life and make the most of it.

Just like what Dale Carnegie said, “It isn’t who you are, what you are doing, or where you are that makes you unhappy. It all depends on what you think about it.”

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