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Reinvent Yourself By Being Open To Change


Are you open to change? Being more open is easier said than done. This post from brings to you three powerful self-improvement techniques to open your heart, mind and life to change. Reinvent yourself by embracing the advice and following through on it. Comedian Louis C.K. performs this bit about the possibility of alien life: “I was watching a ... Read More »

5 Signs You Might Be Settling for Less Than You Deserve


Are you confusing the status quo in your life with stability? In this post from MindBodyGreen, Ruby Fremon discusses how to recognize if you’re settling for less than you deserve: For a long time, I was settling in every aspect of my life. My career wasn’t ideal, my friendships were toxic, and my relationships were abusive. The moment I realized ... Read More »

Being Alone: 7 Reasons Solitude Can Be Good For You


Many people assume that solitude is a state of loneliness, but this is, in fact, a misunderstood concept. Solitude is perhaps one of the best ways a person can find happiness and inner peace. Not only does it restore balance to your life, but it also helps alleviate depression. The people who enjoy purposeful or voluntary solitude also experience numerous ... Read More »

What An Amazing Hug! Learn How To Give a Perfect Hug


It is true that nutrition and exercise are important for living a productive and healthy life. However, hugs can be just as helpful, by keeping you in a good mood, which is always beneficial for your health. So, when was the last time you gave or received a hug? If it’s been a while, find somebody to hug right now! ... Read More »

Our Ego: So Fragile And Complex

i am worth it

We human beings are a highly complex, inscrutable, and fascinating species. For many major beliefs across the planet, we represent the epitome of creation, yet we are ridden with both irony and paradox. We love and we hate, we have our strengths and weaknesses, and virtues and vices in abundance. Each of us possess both resilience and fragility, and we ... Read More »

Are You Trapped By Your Lack Of Worthiness?

i am worth it

Humans are born with a need to be accepted and to belong. So we constantly do what we must, in an attempt to receive love from others, especially caregivers.  It starts as a mechanism to cause others to provide us with the basics of life, since we are unable to acquire them ourselves until we reach a certain age. Under ... Read More »

Who’s in Control of Your Life? Part II

(Before reading this post, I highly recommend starting with “Who’s in Control of Your Life? Part I”) Here are 5 strategies for realigning your locus of control: 5.       You associate more pain with the idea of taking responsibility for your life than you do with not taking control of your life. So, reverse that. Understand the pain that comes with letting ... Read More »

Who’s in Control of Your Life? Part I

The price of greatness is responsibility. -Winston Churchill At around the third grade, when we’re approximately the age of 8 or 9, we develop our true first understanding of ‘responsibility’. We begin to notice that there’s a direct link between our experiences and our actions. For example, we start to ‘get’ that our performance at school shows up in our ... Read More »