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8 Ways Emotional Intelligence Puts You On the Road to Success


Forget about IQ. You need your head and heart working as a team to be a true success. Emotional intelligence is the key. This post from sheds light on what will happen when you become emotionally intelligent. The head and the heart combine to create emotional intelligence. You want to have emotionally intelligent people on your team. They have the ... Read More »

Attitude A Better Predictor of Success Than IQ


Attitude matters. It matters more than we thought, and makes more of a difference on success in life than we thought possible. This post from Entrepreneur highlights why attitude is more important than intelligence when it comes to success. When it comes to success, it’s easy to think that people blessed with brains are inevitably going to leave the rest ... Read More »

How Emotions Create Time, and Thoughts Create Atoms


A clock measures time, but what creates time? Where do atoms come from? Can the mind affect the beauty of nature? How emotions affect reality? This interesting post from Awakening Our Truth attempts to answer these questions and many more. It seems that the connection between thought, emotions, space and time is far greater than understood before. Here is a ... Read More »

Scientists Make Control Over Dreams a Reality

Image: Sergey Nivens /

A new study shows a way to gain control over dreams, indicating possible therapies for recurring nightmares and mental health problems. This post from Big Think discusses the implications of the study on potential PTSD therapy, as well as on our understanding of waking life and consciousness. Carl Jung devoted much of his professional life to analyzing dreams, much to ... Read More »

Make The Power of Solitude Work for You


Solitude can lead to a powerful connection with self. So, spending time alone, when done right, can be good for us. This post from MindBodyGreen highlights the necessity and potential benefits of solitude. Whether it’s loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, friends, acquaintances, or strangers, our days often consist of having to interact, to talk, to listen, and to give of ourselves, ... Read More »

Is That Complacency in The Garb of Gratitude?


If gratitude is forcing you to maintain a status quo long past a change is due, take a hard, honest look to see if complacency has made a place for itself in your life. This post from Mind Body Green explores the possibility of being too grateful. Being grateful is one of the most effective ways to create an abundant ... Read More »

Galantamine – Lucid Dreaming Pill?


Have you ever had a dream so vivid, so intense, so real, but at the same time you possessed the awareness that you were, in fact, asleep and dreaming? Generally speaking, dreaming is quite separate and distinctly different from waking life.  How many times have you woken up with the thought in your head, “It was only a dream”? Lucid ... Read More »