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How Relevant Is Philosophy to the 21st Century?


Questions that were once firmly in the domain of philosophy are now being mulled over by the front running thinkers of 21st century. This post from OZY delves into the relevance of old philosophy to the future and wonders if that B.A. in philosophy just might be useful in 2059. Enter a bookstore, while they still exist. Walk toward the ... Read More »

10 Thought Provoking Books To Challenge Your Mind

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Thought provoking books make for a good read, especially the ones that stay with you long after you’ve finished reading them. Fantastic list of 10 thought provoking books that are sure to challenge your mind in more ways than one. If you’re someone who loves to think and loves to read, then you need to check out these 10 books. ... Read More »

The Secrets Of A Creative Mind

creative mind

As we reach an era when actual brain studies can be performed, and where we can draw conclusions about what makes a person the way they are – or perhaps, who they are – it is noteworthy that creativity, genius, or highly-creative individuals have been portrayed as prone for being tormented, having issues and generally being closer to mental disorder. ... Read More »