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How Men & Women are Affected by Sexual vs. Emotional Infidelity

Photo credit © nyul / Fotolia, Source: Science Daily

Do men and women differ when it comes to emotional responses to their partner’s sexual or emotional infidelity? This post from FEEL Guide discusses a massive study on infidelity that answers this and many other questions. Jealousy is one of those emotions that everyone experiences from time to time, but when it’s experienced as a result of a cheating husband/wife/partner ... Read More »

Who’s in Control of Your Life? Part II

(Before reading this post, I highly recommend starting with “Who’s in Control of Your Life? Part I”) Here are 5 strategies for realigning your locus of control: 5.       You associate more pain with the idea of taking responsibility for your life than you do with not taking control of your life. So, reverse that. Understand the pain that comes with letting ... Read More »