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Why Many of the Creative Artists Are Neurotic

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Creative genius and neurotic thought patterns might have the same root cause, perhaps explaining why many artists are tortured souls. This post from Live Science investigates the truth behind creativity and neuroticism being two sides of the same coin. Sir Isaac Newton formulated the laws of gravity, built telescopes and delved into mathematical theories. He was also prone to bouts ... Read More »

How Overthinking Can Kill Your Performance


“Fear doesn’t go away,” said Steven Pressfield in The War of Art. “The warrior and the artist live by the same code of necessity, which dictates that the battle must be fought anew every day.” What is this battle that we face when we aspire to create or when we engage in competitiveness? It’s easy to believe that it’s an external ... Read More »

How To Stop Overthinking and Quiet The Mind


All of us get caught up in thoughts instead of enjoying present moment. Either you can’t stop thinking about what you said to your loved one you wish you could take back, or maybe stressing about some event that is coming up, playing out different scenarios… Whatever the case might be, we worry and think way too much sometimes, but ... Read More »

8 Simple Ways To Stop Overthinking Everything


There are always days when we simply can’t make a decision, keep playing out different scenarios, exhausting every outcome and at the end feeling completely drain by all this thinking :-). Does that remind you of anyone? Maybe you? Thinking too much can be not only time consuming but we also tend to turn little problems until into something much bigger ... Read More »