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How to Tell If You’re in an Unhealthy Relationship


Reviewing your relationship helps you move forward in life with conviction. Here are the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship that can’t be ignored. This post from Mind Body Green lists 5 red flags that should be cause for concern in any relationship. Whether or not a relationship is “meant to be” is often determined by how much work each ... Read More »

[Personal Post] The Vows at My “Wedding”

marriage pic

From California to Alaska and all the states in between, I’ve lived on the West Coast of the United States all my life. For the first time in my life I’ve become an ‘East Coaster’, living in beautiful Western Pennsylvania. (The beauty here is far more subtle than I’m used to. What they call ‘mountains’ here always makes me grin, ... Read More »

7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Intuitive Relationship

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I want to warn everyone – I’m going to be talking to JUST the Intuitives here.   That is, only those who have taken the free “learning styles” test in the Genius Awakening system and tested out as an Intuitive, not a Sensor. I’ve gotten a lot of questions from Intuitives about dating and finding the perfect life partner, so ... Read More »