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7 Steps To Contacting Your Higher Self


Seven steps to contacting your Higher Self, that part of you that connects you directly to the spiritual realms. It is in touch with the Divine because it is part of it. This post from puts together seven key steps to attaining knowledge of the Higher Self, and its depths of inner wisdom. Each of us is connected with ... Read More »

30 Lessons I Learned From My Dying Mother


Mothers are angels destined to bring us to life. Not only once, at birth, but also every time we need it. When we are ready to explore a whole new world or forced to leave a piece of us behind, our mothers are there to support us. Who held your hand on the first day of school? Who wiped away ... Read More »

10 Things That Come With Grieving Process


Coping with the loss of a loved one cannot be equated with anything else on the planet. We all have an appointment with death which we will honor someday.  A few weeks ago, the angel of death passed by my family and took away with it my lovely mum. While this was an extremely painful moment (it still is), it ... Read More »

12 Important Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life


In Sanskrit, Karma means action. It has the same meaning as that of Newton’s third law of motion which states that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Our thoughts, words and actions trigger a reactive force. It is possible to change, modify, or suspend this reactive force, but it is not possible to eliminate it. This cause and ... Read More »

5 Powerful Ways To Navigate Through Your Mistakes

learn from mistakes

One of the basic rules of existence is that things always change. Nothing ever remains static. People are not different. Relationships, life circumstances, jobs, ….all these things change. Knowing that, it is a mystery why so many people get bent out of shape when things change. You know it is going to happen, someday, so why should you let it ... Read More »