Tuesday , 15 June 2021
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Growing Up as an Intuitive


I’ve been doing coaching and consulting for a while now, and I’ve had a wide variety of clients. From big companies (like Oracle and Zappos) to small companies to solopreneurs, from individuals trying to get to the next level to couples in failing relationships to people just trying to figure out what they want in life. In almost every context, ... Read More »

What’s the Difference Between the Intuitive and Sensory Learning Styles?


After posting the article 7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Intuitive Relationship, I received a lot of questions about the fundamental differences between between people with an Intuitive learning style and those with a Sensory learning style. This is important to address: of the major differences between people, the largest discrepancies lie in the differences between people who have a Sensory ... Read More »

7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Intuitive Relationship

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I want to warn everyone – I’m going to be talking to JUST the Intuitives here.   That is, only those who have taken the free “learning styles” test in the Genius Awakening system and tested out as an Intuitive, not a Sensor. I’ve gotten a lot of questions from Intuitives about dating and finding the perfect life partner, so ... Read More »