Thursday , 28 October 2021
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Are You an Introvert or Are You Shy? 24 Ways to Find Out


Someone who is an introvert and shy behaves differently from someone who is an introvert and not shy. If you need to understand the difference, here’s help. This post from Lifehack lists 24 signs of a person who is an introvert but not shy. Many people believe that being an introvert and being shy are the same thing- but this ... Read More »

The Introverted Brain


Have you ever been told you’re too serious or need to relax? Have you ever sat quietly among a group of people talking and been asked, “Are you okay?” You’re most likely introverted and, to some degree, misunderstood. Most of the world is made up of extroverts (also spelled “extraverts” in many psychological references and studies, but now, used rather ... Read More »