Wednesday , 22 September 2021
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One of the Biggest Challenges In Understanding Personality Types


Possibly one of the most established concepts about personality types in social consciousness is the difference between “Introverts” and “Extraverts.” The differences are explained as ‘shy, quiet, needing a lot of alone time’ (for Introverts) and ‘bombastic, people-oriented, energetic’ (for Extraverts). Regardless whether or not people have a truly accurate understanding of the differences, they have enough understanding to ‘get’ ... Read More »

Breakthroughs In Modern Psychology


Similar to all of the changes that the Industrial Revolution has brought about in the previous centuries in the world of work, the field of psychology has also had its share of advances that has transformed the way we live and think in the world today when compared to life a couple hundred years ago. Modern psychology has shown us ... Read More »

The Introverted Brain


Have you ever been told you’re too serious or need to relax? Have you ever sat quietly among a group of people talking and been asked, “Are you okay?” You’re most likely introverted and, to some degree, misunderstood. Most of the world is made up of extroverts (also spelled “extraverts” in many psychological references and studies, but now, used rather ... Read More »