Saturday , 18 September 2021
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6 Ways to Make Your Thoughts Your Key to Success


Your thoughts, when uplifting and inspiring, can become your key to success. This post from Addicted 2 Success lists six ways to think like a winner and intensify your life. To be a winner you have to think like one. It’s no secret that thinking is the key ingredient to success, and if you can master it then you can achieve ... Read More »

7 Internal Laws Of Life We All Follow

internal laws

No matter how old you are, the country you live in, people around you, it seems like there are underlying laws of life that are implanted in us that we all seem to follow. 1. Thoughts become reality All what we are is the result of what we think about ourselves. If a man speaks or acts with evil thoughts, ... Read More »

Forgiveness Will Set You Free

accept and forgive

We’ve all held a grudge against something or somebody, we’ve all been jealous, caught ourselves in thinking that others have wronged us and that maybe we’re better than some other people. However, if we managed to get past any and all of those feelings, to reach the peaceful state of mind of forgiveness, we achieved a state of freedom and ... Read More »