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Where Are You On the Path of Consciousness?


The path of consciousness takes you from being entrenched in mass consciousness to the ability to consciously create one’s life from the awake state. This post from Wake Up World takes you through the five stages of awakening pointing out the signposts and pitfalls along the way. What does it really mean to awaken? It is fair to say that awakening ... Read More »

Our Ego: So Fragile And Complex

i am worth it

We human beings are a highly complex, inscrutable, and fascinating species. For many major beliefs across the planet, we represent the epitome of creation, yet we are ridden with both irony and paradox. We love and we hate, we have our strengths and weaknesses, and virtues and vices in abundance. Each of us possess both resilience and fragility, and we ... Read More »

Is This Your Ego Talking Or Your Passion?

ego or passion

Learning how to tell the difference between your ego and your passion is important for achieving happiness and success. Both of them are important for your survival, but when they are out of balanced, they can make your life chaotic. Most of us have been conditioned to rely more on our ego than our passion, which is why we have ... Read More »