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Why Did NASA Spray Lithium and Other Chemicals into American Skies?


The extent to which NASA has been spraying Lithium into American skies is only now becoming known. This post from Waking Science highlights NASA confessing to dosing Americans with air-borne Lithium and other chemicals. There’s the official explanation for why NASA is spraying lithium, a pharmaceutical drug most often used to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder, into ... Read More »

Self Help for Depression in 4 Manageable Steps


Here’s self help for depression in four manageable steps. It’s not about curing depression or ‘getting happy’ but finding daily positivity to help manage it. This post from is the ultimate guide to help you self-manage your depression. It’s been estimated that nearly 350 million people in the world suffer from depression and almost 80% don’t receive any treatment ... Read More »

How to Maximize Wellbeing by Tuning 4 Brain Circuits


Wellbeing is essentially a skill that can be learned, just like learning to play a musical instrument. This post from FEELguide gives a low-down on the four neuroplastic brain circuits that govern wellbeing and how to tune them like an instrument. Dr. Richard Davidson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the study of the neural mechanics of emotion ... Read More »

Why Many of the Creative Artists Are Neurotic

charles-darwin (1)

Creative genius and neurotic thought patterns might have the same root cause, perhaps explaining why many artists are tortured souls. This post from Live Science investigates the truth behind creativity and neuroticism being two sides of the same coin. Sir Isaac Newton formulated the laws of gravity, built telescopes and delved into mathematical theories. He was also prone to bouts ... Read More »

Is That Complacency in The Garb of Gratitude?


If gratitude is forcing you to maintain a status quo long past a change is due, take a hard, honest look to see if complacency has made a place for itself in your life. This post from Mind Body Green explores the possibility of being too grateful. Being grateful is one of the most effective ways to create an abundant ... Read More »

How To Spot Severe Depression And How To Help

Feeling blue

Despite what many people think, depression is not just simply a state of being sad. There really is not a mood swing that can happen overnight in which the sufferer no longer is depressed. Depression is a prolonged state of intense sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness that is often very tough to spot. Depression is actually fairly common, affecting one out ... Read More »

Researchers Investigating a Depression – Inflammation Link


There’s a reason depression is considered to be a silent global epidemic. Experts are now experimenting with treating the inflammatory symptoms of depression, not just the neurological ones, and getting positive results. This post from FEEL Guide highlights the new research that discovered that depression is an allergic reaction to inflammation. New research is revealing that many cases of depression ... Read More »

Scientists Discover Key Area in Brain Linked to Depression


Brain scientists have discovered a pearl-size region in the brain which appears to be ground zero for depression. This post from FEEL Guide discusses how the scientists conducted the study and the possibilities that the findings have opened up for future research: The mysteries of the human brain continue to reveal themselves to brain scientists — case in point being ... Read More »

What An Amazing Hug! Learn How To Give a Perfect Hug


It is true that nutrition and exercise are important for living a productive and healthy life. However, hugs can be just as helpful, by keeping you in a good mood, which is always beneficial for your health. So, when was the last time you gave or received a hug? If it’s been a while, find somebody to hug right now! ... Read More »