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What If Cannabis Cured Anxiety


Recent research discovered that smoking cannabis really can reduce anxiety. U.S. scientists found marijuana regulates both anxiety and the body’s fight-or-flight response. But not everyone is supporting their findings and many claim that cannabis actually causes anxiety. The key here is in the dosage. Anxiety is a common disorder that causes people to feel distress and nervous. We all experience ... Read More »

This Nerve Will Help You Deal With Emotional Problems


Can the vagus nerve help you deal with behavior problems or help you stay calm in a stressful situation? Scientific studies continue to show that proper stimulation of the vagus nerve through deep and slow breathing can help calm the heart and thus affecting the behavior of the mind and body. The human heart is one of nature’s greatest creations ... Read More »

The Basics Of Cognitive Restructuring


If you’re familiar with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), then you’ll be more apt to understand cognitive restructuring, as it is a core ingredient.  CBT is quite popular in the therapy field and a leading treatment for anxiety disorders, depression, and more disorders. Cognitive restructuring is a process of observing, identifying, and modifying irrational thoughts that don’t serve an individual. It ... Read More »