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Is Social Media Making Us Antisocial?

Social MediaDid you know that the average person spends 4 years of their life looking at their phone? Crazy, isn’t it?

Have we become so disconnected as a people that we are more concerned with the filter on the photo of our food than we are with eating it?

Have we become less social now that we have social media in our lives?  Do we judge more and love less?  Why do we feel the impulse to take a selfie every time something interesting happens in our lives?

Prince Ea has made an amazing mind opening video about how social media is disconnecting us from each other, check it out below!

Born and raised on the North Side of St. Louis Missouri, rapper Prince Ea has a sound unlike most artists coming out from the Midwest.

Possessing a great song writing ability, he combines creative, thought-provoking verses with humor, wit, passion and hard hitting punch-lines. From his YouTube videos which have garnered over ten million hits, Prince Ea has developed a loyal Internet fan base.

Prior to Prince Ea’s most recent Internet success, he has also been featured in both national and local publications. In 2009 VIBE Magazine declared him Vibe Verses Grand Champion and he received a full page article in Vibe’s June 2009 edition. Also in 2009, Prince Ea founded and formed an organization called Make SMART Cool (SMART, an acronym for Sophisticating Millions and Revolutionizing Thought). The organization seeks to promote positive social change in various concrete ways from speaking at schools, organizing community events/benefit performances, partnering with community based organizations and setting up educational mentorship programs.

In 2011 Ea was selected out of thousands of emcees across the country, as the winner of the Trojan Magnum Live Large Project 2 contest— hosted by Ludacris. Ea won $5,000 and a trip to Miami, Florida to perform alongside Ludacris, DJ Khaled and Busta Rhymes in front of a crowd of 50,000 people. In 2011 Prince Ea was crowned Best Hip Hop/Rap Artist (Solo) in St. Louis by the renowned Riverfront Times Newspaper.

Check him out on YouTube.

About Genius Awakening

Genius Awakening was created to lead people to a better understanding of self and others in order to navigate our world at a higher and more awakened level of being. Together we will explore the depths of consciousness in order to evolve beyond our current paradigms into a world of love, joy and peace. Oksana and Larry Ostrovsky are passionate guides of this space.
  • cornishfaerie

    “Did you know that the average person spends 4 years of their life looking at their phone? Crazy, isn’t it?”

    No, although the average youth of today _might_[1] spend that much time (I wouldn’t be surprised if some spend more, just like their incessant use, addiction of and obsession with facebook) in their lives looking at their bloody phone (wait – I mean phones given that every time a new phone is released they rush out and get a new one… or well, the more extreme do!). The only mobile phone I have has been off for months and it will be off for months more. I’ve had it for roughly one year, too. So much for your theory given that I’m in my 30s and while my family has longevity I have a lot of health problems and I strongly hold the belief (and I don’t care what the law suggest here and it is irrelevant for someone who has a history of severe mental illness, isn’t it?) that I am allowed to leave on MY terms. So no, I won’t be spending that much time looking at my phone. Frankly if I did I would it would show far more problems than already known (which is saying a lot except that looking that much at a phone is a different kind of problem and isn’t genetics/upbringing and so is much worse).

    Incidentally you don’t mean antisocial – you mean ASOCIAL. Irony of course is that ‘The Genius Awakening’ does not even understand basic Latin. You mean asocial! The key: the a- prefix means “without” (among other things). To be fair it is more involved than Latin but it is one of the roots (surprising I’m sure…). I invite you to find the definition of ‘antisocial’ because it is very different and in actuality, it is more like hostile towards society. Breaking it down further (and understanding basic psychology), this means that they can appear charismatic and seem social but there is far more insidious things happening (and there is a blur with this word with some other words but that is besides the point).

    [1]Given that it is mostly the youth that are so obsessed with phones, I question how they determine it is four years, especially as life expectancy has gone up (although maybe not if they don’t look at the damned road instead of their phone … ).

    That all noted: yes, too many are indeed disconnected from others exactly because they are erroneously believing that social media (over the wire and through the air…) is somehow more social and more connected. A recluse like me can see that and I’m not just reclusive, I’m incredibly reclusive. That’s how bad the situation is (but the fact remains most will do exactly what they’re doing, enjoying, whatever.. it is their choice and it is their life – I certainly won’t even try tell them what to do… I wouldn’t even want to bother talking with them in the first place)

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