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Addiction: How Your Mindset Is Hindering Your Recovery

resilienceAuthor Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” While this may sound like another motivational quote, there is actually a lot of truth in this statement, especially when it comes to fighting addictive behaviors. You may be surprised to read this, especially since you may believe that addiction could only be countered with rehab or medications like methadone. However, the following lines are about to change your mind on how to fight addiction.

Change in Mindset vs. Gradual Decreasing vs. Change in Environment

In 2006, the Cancer Control Research Institute tested the effectiveness of two methods used to help people quit smoking: cold turkey and gradually decreasing. Though the first has been considered inefficient, results prove otherwise. The research paper detailing the test and its results proved that people who quit gradually were more likely to relapse. On the other hand, 48% who gave up altogether never looked back. This comes to prove that the mind can change its owner’s reactions to different things.

Another way people try quitting is by removing cigarettes and everything linked to them from their surroundings. However, this too has proven to be inefficient because unless you change the person’s mindset, adding or reducing elements in their environment won’t make much of a difference. A case study confirming this is Google’s 80-20 plan, which was designed to get employees to rest 20% of their time. The company expected its employees to become more productive during their spare time, but Google shut the program down because it failed. Change driven by the environment didn’t motivate lazy people nor make an impact on their behavior.

The Power of the Mind for Fighting Addiction

One of the main reasons people embrace addiction is because they want to be happy. Unfortunately, drugs end up controlling their lives, forcing them to become unhappy in the long run. However, rather than taking action, addicts go into denial, telling themselves that they can continue being happy. On the other hand, some start blaming other people, claiming that they are robbing their happiness. This is why changing your mindset is vital for kicking the habit. An individual can only recover if they accept that they are the master of their own progress.

How to Change Your Mindset

A positive mindset will help addicts overcome their addictions and stay on the path of recovery. It will also enable them to make the necessary life changes to avoid relapsing and stay sober. On the other hand, a negative mindset will force addicts to drop out of any treatments they undergo and eventually leave rehab without healing. In addition, the addict’s relationships will take a turn for the worse since they will blame others for their situation and alienate people who may be trying to help and support them.

If you are trying to overcome addiction and would like to develop positive mindset to help you through, here are four important tips to follow.

  • Recognize Your Worth – Most people jump on the addiction bandwagon because they believe their existence to be worthless. However, you need to believe that you deserve a better life in order to develop your self-esteem. You should also remember that your addiction doesn’t define you or your worth. Therefore, recognize your own value and motivate yourself from within by reminding yourself that you deserve to be clean and sober.
  • Make Changes Immediately – Resisting change is a human trait and it’s more noticeable in addicts. By moving into unfamiliar territory, i.e. sobriety, you may get scared. However, the right time to kick the habit is now. For that, you’ll need to make drastic changes in different aspects, including your friends and lifestyle habits.
  • Take Responsibility – One of the defining elements of addiction is making excuses. You may also believe that the people around you are responsible for your situation. However, this victim mindset will prevent you from fighting addiction. You need to take full responsibility of the choices you made. This will ensure that you stay clean and sober for a very long time.
  • Imagine a Great Future Ahead – One of the reasons addicts tend to delve deeper in substance abuse is because they see no future for themselves. However, you need to dream again, have goals and priorities for the future to determine the steps you must take in the present.

You can use these tips to develop a positive mindset or guide an addicted loved one to do so. Whatever you do, make sure to do this right away to save your/their life before drugs or alcohol completely take over.



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