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6 Ways To Expand Your Consciousness

human-consciousnessAre you feeling tired of living a dull and frustrating existence? You ever feel like the universe has more to offer than just existing day to day in the pursuit of mundane activities? Maybe what you need is to expand your consciousness. This article will discuss the many ways you can go about doing this and help you to become a more whole and balanced person.

Perhaps the biggest way to expand your level of consciousness is to become more connected with nature. You can begin by taking a stroll through a jungle or a forest. Or perhaps go hiking, camping, or on a fishing trip. There are even retreats you can go on with other groups and perform this activity with other likeminded individuals.  The process of connecting with nature will help you to appreciate nature more as well as giving you a deeper sense of oneness and inner peace.

Speaking of going on a retreat, make it a goal to find some true friends and family that you can associate with who have similar values and beliefs that are more closely aligned with yours. Your true family and friends are those who accept you for who you are. This serves to go a long way toward making a more conscious individual out of you.

Along with making friends with people who are like you, it would be beneficial to find a mentor that you can gain insight and wisdom from. You can also be a mentor to those who are just starting out on their journey as you get a little further along on your own personal journey. Taking advantage of opportunities to show leadership is also good for your spirit. Especially if you have the opportunity to be a mediator. With all of the negativity going on in the world, and its division, someone needs to stop up and strive for peace; bridge the gap so to speak.

How To Handle Negativity Right

Speaking of negativity, this is another thing that is prevalent in the world and is another one of those dogmas that can cause an individual to descend into a lower state of consciousness.  Always striving to be positive and practicing positive affirmations is a good way to improve your focus. This is usually a spiritual practice known as mindful meditation and keeps you grounded in the moment. Live one day at a time since too much focus on tomorrow, which is not here yet, leads to anxiety while dwelling on the past causes depression.  The practice of focusing on the positive can actually help you to become a mediator since it is equated with being a peacemaker.

Along with being more social and positive, you also want to strive to be more compassionate and empathetic toward others. This can soften people like nothing else if they have any anger and resentment issues. The art of loving and accepting others for who they are raises your level of consciousness as well as theirs. It is equally, if not more important, to learn to love yourself because you can only be as compassionate toward others as you are to yourself.  It may also help to avoid any and all forms of negativity and negative people if they persist on being negative and dragging your down into a lower state of consciousness.

Health and Wellness

A widely known practice in health/wellness circles is diet and exercise; or simply taking care of yourself. If you feel lazy to exercise, just start by going for a short walk around the block. Any physical activity works by raising endorphins which boost our mood and enable us to feel good about ourselves which works to help us to see others in a more encouraging light. As for food, try new foods and be more conscious of what you are putting into your body by checking out the ingredients before you buy the item in the grocery store.

In addition to diet and exercise, you may also want to look into natural supplements. Some examples would be fish oil and a multivitamin. Other forms of physical activity that goes with diet and exercise is having sex with your partner. Just the act of connecting with another person in the most intimate way is known to increase dopamine in the brain.

Some other “smaller” things that you can do to expand your consciousness involve boosting your brain power by reading more, working puzzles, and pursuing a higher intelligence in other areas of life; i.e., emotional, intellectual, and something creative such as drawing or writing. Feel free to pursue whatever makes you happy as setting goals and accomplishing them is yet another way of raising your level of consciousness and gives you energy and something to celebrate. Just don’t forget to maintain balance between every area of your life. Go out and have fun, face your fears, and be aware of any thought patterns that need to be changed into something more constructive and productive.

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