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Authenticity – The Roadmap To Contentment

authenticityYour world is run by a creative amalgamation of your thoughts, ambitions and personality traits.

A clean slate – Not really!

When an infant is born, she is like the proverbial clean slate, which is all set for getting imprints and impressions from her experiences and influences from the world around her. Right from the way her parents and family interact with her to the way she begins to deal with her peers at school and then finally go on to develop her own relationships; each of the steps influences the kind of person she ultimately develops into. Now, what we do not realize here is that the ‘clean slate’ does have its own inherent traits. The infant is actually born with these traits, which influence how she reacts to the world around her. Otherwise, how else would one explain the different ways in which two siblings react to the same set of environments and situations in life?

Now, it all boils down to a clear stark fact. Each of the human beings comes with their own set of unique traits, strengths and fallacies. To be truly successful in life, it is important that each one of us strive to live by our true traits, simply being authentic with our shortcomings and assets. Success here, might not essentially be a measure of the riches earned or the reputation gained, but a measure of how true have we been to ourselves in our lives.

Let us look a bit more closely at what exactly being true to yourself implies, and how it is so important to make your world a better place!

Realize your potential

Put simply, being true down to your core actually implies exploring your full potential as a human being. Potential not in the terms of talents, but in the terms of your values and beliefs. Trying to change yourself to ape others or live a life of sham just because it seems more appropriate is a sure way to live a false, hollow life. Being your original self as you deal with the world will definitely yield you better results than evolving yourself into an artificial, mixed-up personality, based on the influences around. Even with your inherent fallacies and human shortcomings, you will need up living a better life if you just live your original self.

After all, inborn traits never change, because God wanted you to be that way and contribute to the world with your unique traits, strengths and even weaknesses.

The comfort zone

So, what keeps us from living a life true to our original traits? Though the pitfalls might be endless, yet our desire to remain secure and safe in life leads the rooster. Engulfed in our cocoons, we are tempted to take the shorter and easier routes, ignoring our inner calling and suppressing our creative instincts. A typical example here would be of a writer who ignores the urge to sit at a solitary place and pen down a strong flow of thoughts just to enjoy a few moments of company or leisure. Nothing would compare to a the contentment and satisfaction achieved form being able to pen down those thoughts and be able to follow you inner instincts, even if it would mean some measure of pain, discomfort or unpleasantness.

That is indeed the exact explanation. To be able to push the ceiling, venture out of your comfort zone to satisfy your inner traits and qualities.

The Last Word

At the end of the day, it is actually not about being successful or happy. It is instead all about being able to understand that the only way to true contentment is to live life according to your original self. That is the only way you would actually be contented in life and make the world around yourself a better place to live in.

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