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The Science Behind Your Soul

human-soulYou are obviously taken aback by reading the title and it’s okay to be surprised. Quantum mechanics is the theory of matter based on the concept of wave property possession by elementary particles. You’re wondering how that is associated with the soul. Well to start with, let us discuss some of the core principles of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is a study relating to microscopic field. Wave mechanics, an important element of the quantum mechanics theory, is the principle of change in wave particles based on behavior change, whether someone is watching or not.

Let that sink in for a moment shall we. In retrospect, this theory relates how behavioral changes can cause a shift in the wave mechanics, and how they in turn reflect on us.

As our conscious grows, so does the ability to see patterns which may not entirely serve the deeper purpose of our soul. These patterns, like mechanic waves, can be seen and felt once we become the observer, and not the other way around.

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The Quantum Mechanics Of Consciousness

There are several names for what this phenomenon is, including the cosmic mind, Akashic record, tree of life, and book of life among others. The core concept, or philosophy if you will, is that all our experiences on earth are recorded in the universe, and we can have access to these records to heal, our soul.

Whenever a loved one dies or there is trauma is our life that remains to be resolved, we will heal around emotionally and spiritually through unnecessary baggage. This results in more dense emotions since we have not completed the process, or have come to terms with the reality. Until we don’t find acceptance, resolution, and grace, we cannot complete the process. This leaves a taint on our soul as we start to bargain with the denial of the trauma. This in turn can help us better understand the misconception about loss. When we start the journey to self awareness, then we can identify the root traumas, and this will help in changing the quantum wave mechanics. By realizing the pattern of ‘go away and come here’ we start opening our hearts for the vibrations of self love and appreciation, which can then help bring trust in relationships.

The Earthy Vibrations

Once we start to free our minds from control, we will start to see that how we abused the planet in many ways. While we realize the on-face issues in front of us, we fail to realize the core issues that connect our soul to the community. What many people start to discover during the healing process is that the earth has its own vibration, which are connected to the vibration of humanity in the astral realm. So in retrospect, in order to heal the planet from all the wrongs we have done, we must first have to heal ourselves by determining the root causes that lie within.

When our negative emotional vibrations fuel us, they also fuel the planet, which in this context is the mother. And with the misconception about death in our society, we continue to add trauma to ourselves, and to our mother. However, by finding acceptance, we can start to realize that death is not the road to awe, but the road to self healing. By acknowledging the quantum mechanics of our consciousness, we are acknowledging and accepting change and resolving issues on both sides of the veil, which in this context in earth, the mother, and universe, the realm.

The Healing

Increasing awareness of the quantum mechanics of our soul will help us to accept what true enlightenment is, and how we can change the lower vibrations to start healing ourselves. By bringing harmony and agreement between the physical, mental, and spiritual realms, we can connect our soul to our body once more and realize that everything in the universe, from the smallest electron to the biggest star, is one.

When we start to heal the lower vibrations, this will help us in healing relationships. For example, if a member of your family passed away but you still have resentment for them, healing will help you come to terms with them, which in turn will help keep the lower vibrations at bay. Heal what needs to be healed, not what wants to be, and then you will begin the journey to self enlightenment.

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  • Samantha

    Sometimes I contemplate what truly feeling one with everything is like. I try to “feel” it. I feel it in my splenic and solar plexis chakras almost and can envision the entire expanse of the universe at once. It is really, really hard to describe… but I can feel the oneness and it makes me sad in a way because I feel like everything is hurting and I want it to not be so. Has anyone else ever felt this way?

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