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6 Ways To Unleash The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

brainBe it your work, relationships, family life or even your role in the social circuit; if you always strive to achieve the best and reach the pinnacle, then its time you learnt how to unleash the powers of your subconscious mind.

The human mind has an amazing ability to learn, mold and even retrain itself, but only if you know how to drive it. Read on to know more about your subconscious and the conscious mind, the concepts and their difference. You will also see how the former actually rules the thoughts you think and the life you live.

Know the difference

Put simply, your sub conscious mind is the driving force behind your conscious mind. In fact, the sub conscious mind is often termed as the ‘autopilot’ behind your conscious mind. It is where your mind stacks away all its memories, experiences and perceptions long after your conscious mind has forgotten them. From here come the feelings and notions that rule your conscious self, behavior and mindset.

Both, the conscious and subconscious mind have their own roles to perform. The key to success and fulfillment in life lies in being able to effectively combine the powers of both. With conscious effort and insight, you can learn how your subconscious mind works and how you can drive the same to lead a happier life.

6 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Subconscious Mind

Now that you know the key difference between your conscious and subconscious mind, we will show how you can actually derive the best out of your subconscious mind to alter your life they way you want to.

1. To bring any change, alter your attitude from within

The first step to change how your mind thinks is to believe that you want the change to happen. You have to start by altering your attitude and believing in yourself. Gradually, your conscious mind will become more receptive to the positive inputs from your subconscious plane and changes will begin to happen.

2. Meditate regularly

Be in touch with your inner, subconscious self. All it needs is a small amount of effort, but on a regular, consistent basis. Use some typical traditional methods like deep breathing and yoga to the more contemporary techniques like music, practice meditation for some time. This will allow your subconscious mind some space to emit fresh and new thoughts into your conscious self, which might actually come as solutions to some of your worries or thoughts.

3. Set your mind free

Never block positive, new and seemingly challenging thoughts. Just because you’ve been thinking in some way until now doesn’t essentially mean that you can’t change it. Do not try to block the wave of new thoughts that come into your conscious mind. Explore these ideas and thoughts to know how they can make you a happier person. Remember, these are after all, just thoughts and with a strong mind power, you choose to accept, refute and control them.

4. Know that the difference is real and relevant

It is a very common mistake for the common man to believe that the concepts of the conscious and sub conscious are only limited to hypnotherapists, philosophers and thinkers. Instead, know and believe that these two are the specific states of your own mind. With some learning and education, you can understand how both states of your mind work. You can then modify them to get the best out of your personality and efforts in life.

5. Learn to retrain your mind

It is amazing how our mind can unlearn what we don’t want to think and can retrain itself to think what you want to. Believe that you are a positive person and hold only such thoughts. Before you know, your subconscious mind will only carry similar thoughts and notions, which will eventually flow into your conscious thinking. 

6. Don’t go overboard

All theory and no practice will surely head you towards a disaster. Understand that the concepts of conscious and subconscious are concrete topics of study in medicine. Though these can be fascinating to read about, but do not go overboard. Only learn as much as you can understand and is relevant in your life.

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