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Money – How Much Is Enough?


Well, sugar is sweet, but it can kill too! Speed helps you win a race but, then again, it can kill too!

Balance is the key of life. Be it a necessity or luxury of life, excess of everything is indeed bad. Money, as it is said, might be the elixir of life, but to earn and manage it the right way is something only a few can do.

Means or End?

Eventually, money power is just a way to achieve your goals in life. The problems arise when we start treating money as the end-all objective. Instead, the ideal aims should be being spiritually aware, having professional satisfaction, a happy personal life, focused goals and the like. Meanwhile, money is just meant to be a tool to help you reach your destination.

The scenario gets complicated when we fail to adequately estimate our real need for money in life. Some of the important facts that are often overlooked include:

  • You cannot purchase everything with money
  • Every problem cannot be solved with money
  • We only need a predictable and fair amount of money for survival. Rest is luxury.
  • There is no shortcut to riches. Only a penny well-earned will bring real fruits.

Read on a brief outline of an ideal plan for money management

The Ideal Plan

Earning dollops of money without knowing how and where to use it makes a sure recipe for disaster.

When you have clear goals on where will you spend money once you have it the next time; that’s the sign you on the right path to money management. Here’s how to go about making the right money plan.

Draw a clear line between your regular expenses and luxuries. When you are not forced to crimp and shudder on your regular expenses, that means you are earning enough. Wanting to earn more than that for your luxuries is perfectly healthy and natural but not having enough for this purpose doesn’t mean that you are under-privileged.


In the following section, we give you five key signs that could tell you that your perception regarding money is wrong and also that you need to work on your money management skills.

1. You’ve developed a superiority complex because of money

When all you can talk or think about is money, it’s time to know that you are earning more than you need. More importantly, it’s also a sign that you don’t really know how to use your riches and are just obsessed by thought of being affluent.

2. You’ve started curtailing your desires for the lack of money

If every new idea or desire in life starts getting stone-walled due to the lack of enough money, you should know that you are in trouble. Living expenses are going to increase day by day. Instead of fretting over it, it’s wiser to attempt to increase your income inflow. 

3. When you have money, you don’t know where to spend it

Have you ever had long wish lists when you didn’t have enough resources, only to be clueless how to spend it when you actually have the funds? If yes, then chances are that your goals in life are not too clear and you are just obsessed with earning more.

4. Suddenly not having enough in emergencies

This one is a very common pitfall. Do you often find yourself trapped in emergency situations without enough funds while otherwise you keep spending recklessly? Now, that might not imply that you are not earning enough. However, this phenomenon would surely be a sign of poor money management and distorted priorities.

5.  When you rate people basis their money power

If you’ve started making your social circles basis how much money does your prospective friend have, then it’s time to think again. Money is hardly a sign of good character and more importantly, a potentially great friendship. Base your relationships with like-minded people and not the ones who would have the same riches as you do.  


God has given the human beings an unlimited range of strengths, capabilities and powers. The ability to earn money makes man a blessed creature indeed. However, the bliss turns into a curse when the yearning to earn becomes an obsession and we fail to see money as just a means to achieve our ends! 


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