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6 Ways to Make the Rest of Today Amazing

how to have an amazing dayNow is always the beginning. No matter how your day has been till now, the rest of the day depends on what you do about it right now.  We all have not-so-good days, but the moment you realize you are having one of those, turn things around with these few simple yet effective ways and enjoy an amazing day.

1. Loosen up

It can become stressful if you try and micromanage every single detail every single day. I realized that while managing my own life, I was getting stressed with things that were completely out of my control. Taking on other people’s trouble doesn’t help anyone. So loosen up, let go of stress and problems that are not yours.

Relax and let things happen without worrying all the time. Take a deep breath often and learn to let go.

2. Look ahead

We all have heard this a million times yet we have the habit of going back in time and trying to fix things that can’t be fixed simply because they have already happened. Be smart and take control of your today and tomorrow. Dwelling on the past simply drains all your energy from the future.

Know that every person in this world has been through good times and bad times. Your attitude towards happiness should not be based on times, but on will. Try to change what you can and let go of what you can’t and move forward.

3. Spend some time doing something you love

True passion and happiness is felt when you are so absorbed in a task that time ceases to exist. Which task are you passionate about? It could be something as simple as reading or walking or baking……spend some time each day doing what you love and your day will turn out just fine.

4. Lend a smile

Have you ever smiled at a stranger who could use a smile? And do you remember what their smile looked like when they returned your smile? Lifting someone up is the best exercise everyone can do to improve our world. Don’t wait for the other person to smile. Show them how to smile. Do something for someone every day. It makes the world a happier place. Remember that when you make a positive impact on someone’s life, it does not stop there. This positivity spreads to your own life too. This rewarding experience is addictive; you keep doing it and you will be happy for life.

5. Spend time with a friend

On stressful days, nothing can be a bigger relief than chatting with your best friend for a few minutes. The few minutes spent talking and laughing instantly lifts you up and makes your day better. Take time out to spend with a friend every day….on the phone, by taking a walk together or simply by standing in the porch and chatting.

6. Me time

More and more people will tell you today that if you cannot be happy with yourself, you cannot be happy. Period. If you cannot communicate with yourself, you cannot communicate with others. Spend a few minutes each day pausing, reflecting and spending some quality time with yourself. All you need to do is sit by yourself, close your eyes and breathe. Or, grab a coffee and a table in the corner and just breathe and indulge in internal conversation.

All our days are numbered in this world. Do we really want to spend them in negativity? Turn things around by adding some doses of positivity and life will reward you with never ending happiness.

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  • Yuki

    Thank you for a great post. I want to learn this by heart to tell myself and others when we fall in the quagmire of negativity.