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What We Can Learn From Children

childrenThe way children behave, act and think may seem immature and unproductive from the perspective of adults, but kids are actually more intelligent than we may realize. Children see the world differently from adults due to the fact that their mind hasn’t been polluted with biased and judgmental thoughts. As a result, their imagination has no limit, which is why they are so creative and curious.

The problem with modern society is that it doesn’t like to promote the importance of curiosity and imagination beyond childhood. As a result, children lose a lot of their imagination, creativity and curiosity as they get older. These features are some of the most important things to have as a human being, because they are essential for achieving success and happiness, and understanding nature.

How Children Lose Their Imagination and Creativity

Modern society destroys children’s imagination and creativity by grading them instead of listening to their needs and desires. It also destroys their imagination and creativity through negative subliminal messages and unproductive knowledge that weaken their critical thinking skills. Each child learn differently, so by listening to their needs, we can find ways to help them learn better.

Shortly after children are born, their imagination and curiosity kick in. As they mature, these two qualities become stronger as they get closer to age 6. It is during these years that their imagination and curiosity help them learn and understand their environment. The feature that gives kids these two characteristics is what I like to call the magical child. The magical child is the innocent child-like feature inside us that gives us imagination and creativity.

What We Can Learn From Children

As we grow from childhood to adulthood, our mind has been bombarded with so many negative subliminal messages and disempowering knowledge that they have affected our subconscious to the point where we can barely communicate to our magical child. As our connection to our magical child weakens, our addiction to material things gets worse and we start to think that happiness is about entitlement. Eventually, we begin to think that we can find fulfillment by buying and consuming more material things. Once we fall into this mindset, we end up walking on a path that seems to keep going in circles, making it harder for us to find fulfillment and happiness.

Unlike adults, most children don’t have problem with entitlement. They are happy with what they have as long as they have the necessary things to keep them alive and a playground to play in. If we want to be happy and free like children, we need to observe them so that we can learn what it means to be happy and alive. If we, as adults, can embrace the qualities of children into our heart, finding happiness and achieving world peace would be a lot easier.

Why Most Adults Aren’t Happy Like Children

The main reason why little children are so happy and playful when you take them to the park or outside is because their connection to their magical child is still strong. This connection also helps them see the magical beauty of nature. For this reason, whenever they see flowers, birds or something that interest them, they get curious, excited and happy. It doesn’t take much to make kids happy because their mind isn’t polluted with judgmental thoughts and their connection to nature is still strong. Unfortunately, modern society doesn’t teach kids to cherish their child-like features. As a result, they lose a lot of their imagination, creativity and curiosity as they mature into adults.

As children reach adulthood, their mind has been so polluted with negative stimuli that instead of turning to nature for fulfillment and happiness, they turn to drugs, alcohol, unhealthy sex and material things to make them happy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience with drugs and alcohol and have nice things. However, the problem is that we abuse them and become too addicted to them. These addictions can lead to other health problems, causing us to become depressed and unhappy.

Children are happy because they are able to embrace the magic of nature, which is why they know how to live in harmony with nature. Because of this, they are able to live in peace with other kids. If we want to live in a world filled with peace, joy and love, we need to learn how to communicate to our magical child. If we learn how to do this, then there is hope for true world peace.

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