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The Greatest Unmet Need Of An Intuitive

misunderstandingFrom big companies (like Oracle and Zappos) to small ones and solopreneurs, from individuals trying to get to the next level to couples in failing relationships, to people just trying to figure out what they want in life. In almost every context, when I profile and coach an Intuitive I hear the same story again and again: “My parents just didn’t get me.”

It’s kind of a broken record among Intuitives. The biggest discrepancy in how we understand each other is whether or not we have an Intuitive learning style versus a Sensory learning style.

It’s what we at Personality Hacker call the Greatest Unmet Need of Intuitives. It’s actually pretty simple and very easy, and maybe because of that it’s importance is diminished and gets neglected.

What is that need? Highly abstract, conceptual conversation. It’s conversation that goes beyond the every day norm of chit-chat and ‘catching up’. Subjects like philosophy, ethics, science, idea-generation and possibilities thinking about the future and the meaning of reality. While it may feel great to an Intuitive that engage in this kind of conversation, they may not realize it’s a basic need.

This kind of conversation does two things for Intuitives:

  • It gives them energy, amps us up, and helps them see possibilities they hadn’t considered before. It’s like food for the mind, or mental calories, and for those who lead with intuition it may be necessary for basic psychological health.
  • It gives them freedom. It’s not always easy to find another person who will go down these rabbit holes with you conversationally, and sometimes the perpetual searching for it makes one feel like a freak. When an Intuitive finds someone who will do a ‘deep dive’, there’s an entire world of permission that opens up. Permission to think outside the box, to consider new ways of solving challenges and of thinking. This permission is extremely freeing, and it’s important to have that sense of permission.

2014-07-30 11.04.50 pmOne of the great run-off benefits of these conversations is the cross pollination ideas. If ideas are a technology, then intuitive conversation becomes a laboratory. The more they cross pollinate each other’s ideas, the more sophisticated they become so when they’re brought to the world they’re more fleshed out, useful, and a true gift.

If you’re an Intuitive, keep in mind that this kind of conversation isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a need to have.
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