Sunday , 5 December 2021
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The Greatest Unmet Need of an Intuitive

What’s the biggest unmet need that most Intuitives face? Find out below in this video:



Antonia Dodge is a co-founder of Genius Awakening, a business designed to help people leverage their own mental processes to optimize productivity, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly – happiness. She has over 10 years in applied psychoanalytics, profiled hundreds of people, and consulted for companies such as Zappos, Zappos Insights, Hot Topic Media, Oracle and Voyage Media. She has helped developed over 20 high level trainings, products and resources and served on the leadership team to plan and orchestrate TEDxSinCity, an independently organized TED event held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  • Spot on! I love these types of conversations, where the mind is allowed to flow freely. Not a lot of people understand this, and often consider you weird when one lets the imagination loose. With your views/research in hand one can refer to an objective source, which should calm down more – so called – scientifically inclined people. Point being humans are different, and having an active imagination, is not a disease but a major ressource !

    Maybe there’s a brighter future in store for intuitives ..?

  • Kerrie

    So warming to hear that this habit of mine to break out of the normal chit chat (which I find incredibly boring) and into crazy territory is actually vital for my well-being 🙂

    Thank you so much for affirming that which I have always known I guess.

  • Roger

    Most Important need but seldom fulfilled. So few bodies; may be blog time?

  • Marianne

    Finally! It is real food, essentail and impossible to live without.

  • Hey thanks for this, Antonia. You’ve verbalised something I knew intuitively. (Of course) I’m fortunate in that I’ve gathered a number of people into my circle who fulfil this need of mine. It also helps explain why I remain outside the field of conventional counselling and am regarded as a ‘maverick’ coach. Cheers.

  • Sadie

    Antonia – you are AWESOME!!! Every time I read your blogs – I have another “AH HA!” moment, and more things fall into place. Please – never underestimate the value of your work here – for the minority intuitive’s 🙂 I always thought I was the weird one for going deeper into conversations… then withdraw when people start looking at me weirdly, or start cracking light hearted jokes. My mission now – to seek out more intuitive friends.

  • Antonia, I am loving everything you’re doing with your blogs and programs. Bravo. As an intuitive, you are my hero!

  • Mary

    In the past, I’ve commented on my need for this kind of conversation, which I attributed to cultural differences. I thought North Americans, in general, like to “shoot the breeze”, which I find extremely boring. I’m from Brazil and, there, I have friends who enjoy conceptualizing, imagining, playing devil’s advocate, just totally talk like we can make a difference…

  • Thanks. You have clarified something for me—why I never feel so alive as when I am out of my intellectual depth. It IS food and drink to me.

    Strangely enough i have never seen myself as being an intuitive.

    Testing … testing … testing … ! Always.


  • Morgan

    Intuitive awareness is such an important life rudder. The course is now steadier, and it’s possible to understand both myself and others. There’s nothing wrong with either types, but living to fit an opposite type because it seems right, is wrong. At least, now that I’m aware I prefer to live my Genius.
    Thanks for the awakening.

  • CarolMcQ

    My husband is clearly an intuitive, and I’m a sensory. Do you have an article on how a sensory person can relate to and make an intuitive more at ease? I just figured out that this difference is what makes for most of our discussion problems.

    • antonia

      This is a great question, Carol! If you’re willing to wait a couple of days, I’ll answer your question in my next blog post. 🙂


  • janet cade

    Could NOT agree more. There have been about 5 people in the world that I have
    been able to find these people — ok — maybe 6..
    Love that you have spotted and highlighted this !!!
    Bravo Antonia!

  • Celestial

    I could not articulate it, but this type of conversation is what I live for. I’ve raised three children to think in this style, and when they are available we talk for hours, but in my former mates, not so much.

    Funnily enough, it is the blogosphere where I find others who like to think abstractly and enjoy talking about it. That’s how I found this space. Thank you Antonia for opening this line of conversation and regarding it truly as a need. Namaste!

  • Antonia and Cameron,
    What an important thing you two are doing. I am a homeschooling mother of a 14 year old intuitive and a soon to be 12 year old social butterfly artist….
    We have watched your videos a number if times in our science classes. It is very empowering for my son to know there are other ways to be a genius than rocket science.
    He gets his CD set first!
    I can’t wait to start working through the materials in the bundle i will get.

    Thank you both,

  • This is so true, the basic mind help, the life fulfilling loving feeling of being accepted for being abstract and genius or powerful. Like. history has shown so many of these relationships and has mis labeled them as soul mate or twin souls.

    Cleopatra ,Antony and Caesar or King Arthur , Gwendolyn and Lancelot. In these women there existed a deep passion for these men and a very valid life requirement. Both women loved their husbands because it assured their self love of themselves and constantly made them feel whole. Survival of the 6th and 7th chakra. The other love was spiritual, physical and a necessity for the first chakra to flourish.

  • Marie Melite Kaajan

    I have this incredible feeling as an Eagle circling high above seeing the whole picture of
    My almost waisted life !

    But when I close my eyes I see the little girl just running in the green open space, and then looking up at the clouds that keeps changing…was I but again that little girl ?

    I see the times that I got up a reached the impossible dream, but never got any recognition.

    It made me feel, that I was so very odd. The paintings at the art collage that was so highly
    recommended, my father would burry in the back yard. Something inside of you withers

    and die…. So you always have to find new ways to please those near to you….or do nothing ?
    Marie Melite Kaajan