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How To Counter Emotional Fatigue

stress_ballWe’ve all had those days when we’ve felt drained out, exhausted and just plain listless! But, we’ve all felt equally perplexed when we just fail to see why are we being so lethargic and uninterested even as we know that no physical exhaustion is there! Like it happens with all other intangible concepts of life, here you might be suffering from emotional fatigue, a state of mind where you have been brought down by the sheer burden of your own unresolved emotions.  

To elaborate the definition better, let’s first quickly look at the 5 key reasons why some of us face such emotional fatigue in our lives.

The 5 Key Reasons

1. Stagnation and boredom

We often reach a point of saturation in life beyond which is important to rejuvenate ourselves. If not handled well, this saturation point can easily translate into a loss of interest and hence emotional tiredness.

2. Unclear goals

When we have unclear or non-realistic goals in life, it quickly converts into severe loss of interest and the feeling of listlessness in our everyday activities.

3. Physical weakness

A healthy mind cannot reside in an unhealthy body. When we suffer from constant physical weakness or fatigue, it has a psychological effect and makes us emotionally exhausted. 

4. Deterioration of relationships

We tend to feel disinterested if there has been some deterioration in the key relationships of our lives. Being emotionally dissatisfied is an important reason many of us end up feeling disinterested in everything else.

5. Failure to express yourself

We are often unable to explain our feelings and reactions to the people who matter. In such cases, most of us withdraw into our own shell, which eventually presents itself as psychological fatigue.

5 Steps To Handling Emotional Fatigue

Read on as we list out the 5 important steps you must take to fight the emotional fatigue in your life.

1. Seek change

This is the quintessential step to rejuvenation. Break the mould, seek change and do whatever it takes to refresh your mind.

2. Nourish your soul

Never deny yourself the small pleasures of life. Listen to your heart and do whatever it takes to please your mind, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Do small things like enjoying nature, listening to good music or whatever else that makes you feel satiated.

3. Live your emotions

Never try to suppress your feelings and sentiments. Always express yourself to your near ones and keep your heart clear of all malice. Live your relationships and emotions to the fullest, even if it means airing some resentment or other negative feelings. 

4. Express yourself fully and clearly

Make yourself clearly understood to the world around you. Those who are able to identify with your thought processes will walk along, while the others will choose to either respect or ignore you. In any case, retain your individuality and be proud of the unique person you are.

5. Learn to relish each moment

Whether it gets pleasure or sorrow, but each moment in life gives us something before it passes out. Choose to enjoy and learn from each of the passing days and you will be headed to a happier tomorrow. When we dwell into the worries of future beyond an extent, it mars our ability to live present fruitfully. Such worries and destructive thinking lead to overall of loss of interest and emotional frustration.


A fully spirited, inspired and motivated person is surely bound to have a fuller and happier existence. Your attitude will not stop problems from occurring, but it will surely enable you to deal with them in a much better way!

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