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5 Crutial Elements That Affect Your Life

lifeIt is said that fish kept in your house absorbs the negative energy from your surroundings. In the same context, it is also said that a feng shui plant is a good luck charm for prosperity. You might have heard of the typical, plump-looking Laughing Buddha being as symbol of happiness, especially when given as a gift to someone. Then there is that writer who believes in using a particular pen, a specific wad of papers or even wearing something special to them to enable the best of creativity and output from his writing endeavors!

Well, superstitions, myths or wishful thinking; everyone amongst us terms these notions and beliefs as per our understanding and judgment. However, a single, small wave that is common to all these perceptions and beliefs stretches far beyond any skeptical lines of superstitions and misplaced obsessions. It is a fact that the environment and the things around us have a life of their own, even if animated. In their own quirky but sound way, they talk to us and communicate effectively with the human world around them. Now, what we are definitely not implying is that these seemingly inorganic things actually talk or blabber.

What instead, we need to observe, learn and most importantly feel is the vibes given out by each and everything around us in our daily life. Right from the clothes we wear to the food we eat, where we sit and sleep to the furniture we use; going up to the entire gambit, everything around us gives out vibes to us. All we need to do is to observe and feel these vibes and attune ourselves to match them to achieve a better, happier and successful life.

Our Environment – The Crucial 5 Elements

So, let us take a closer look at what our environment and surroundings comprise of. Our physical and spiritual self, lives amongst the following 5 core elements:

  1. The air we breathe
  2. The food we eat
  3. The clothes we wear
  4. The things we use
  5. The thoughts we think

All of the above five elements join hands together to send out vibes that influence the kind of life we live and the level of satisfaction and happiness we attain.

The key lies in being able to identify these vibes, being conscious of their presence and attune ourselves to get the best out of such waves and factors for a fuller existence.

Attaining the Consciousness – The Vibes

How do we go about attaining that consciousness of our surroundings? Well, there are a number of ways you can get there.

To begin with, be in touch with your inner self. Listen to what you heart; mind and body have to tell you. A vibe emitted in your surrounding is definitely not a tangible emotion. All you can do is to feel it within yourself, sense it and make any changes to alter how your environment influences you.  

Just think about a mundane piece of a peg table that dutifully lies in the corner of your study room. Just to rejuvenate your surroundings, you shift that out of your room for sometime but feel uneasy without it the next time you sit down to ponder over your work troubles. Now, that is a typical example of how seemingly animate things in your life can alter the level of your consciousness.

As is firmly pointed by trainers across the world, keeping your environment clean and clutter-free is another example of how the world around you emits vibes that can influence the kind of person you become. Remain disorganized, cluttered and you will have an equally blurred mindset, directly influencing your success levels in life. Be organized and focused and it will give you the required clarity of mind to take sound decisions and forge ahead in life with élan.

Point to ponder

Human mind is surely an intriguing maze. It is amazing to realize how much power we have in our hands to alter the course of our lives. It is just about making the effort to sense and feel how our mind and body react to the world around us. Then, all that remains is to alter and drive these forces to create a better and happier existence for ourselves.

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