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Head Vs Gut Feeling: How To Know Which One To Trust

trusting intuitionI’m sure you’ve had that gut feeling before that was so strong that you simply couldn’t ignore! Quite often, we find ourselves stuck between 2 options – head vs gut feeling. Which one do you listen to?

Many times you will find yourself torn between making a decision where you are supposed to choose between two options. It can be agonizing because you never know the repercussions of either of the options whereas you have to make a decision eventually. It is a normal situation and many people get into such situations, which result to a huge mistake after thinking too much of the option to take, or after shrugging off the thinking and deciding to take any of the options. When you are caught up in such a situation, always remember that it is prudent to let your mind dwell on the consequences before you settle on the final decision.

People normally make the right and perfect decisions based on the experiences and knowledge that comes from the daily life, but you can never lack some stupid mistakes that were done at an earlier time. They are as a result of trusting your guts while blanking off what your head is telling you, or vice versa. Decision-making process is critical and you should check how accurate yours is to help you make the right decisions. Let us now look at the negative and positive effects when you trust either your gut or your head, and how you can depend on both to make the right decisions.

Set Your Priorities To Minimize Thinking

When you have a set procedure to do things or respond to situations, you will spend less time to make decisions. For instance, you can derive a plan where you wear certain colors on given days, and that way you will not have to waste time thinking of what is the best color of the shirt to wear. You should apply the same to decisions that gives you Goosebumps because when you have a template response to such situations, you will not have to worry about the outcome of your choice. Simply because you already know the probable outcome of the choice that you have taken. We also waste a lot of time when we have a variety of a product that we want to use for example perfume, and we cannot simply decide which to wear at that particular time. It is a decision that is not that crucial in our lives but it still consumes a lot of time. That is why prioritizing decisions plays a major role in time saving, because you know what to do at a given time or day.

How To Avoid Wasting Time

When you realize that all the complication is in your brain, you will derive a way of avoiding time wastage and make your decisions easier. For instance, the color you wear matters only to you and not to the outside world. In that case, you can simply arrange the attire you will use throughout the week where you will only have to pick a set for the day without having to think how it will look like on you or what color it is. The same applies to the perfume you wear, put the varieties in the order of days and all you will need to do is pick use and go.

What About Ignoring Your Gut Feeling?

This is when you make decisions without having to give them a thought, because you decide on the basis of your feelings. Many people tend to even ‘praise’ their gut when the result of the decision turns to be correct but in most cases, it is just luck. Trusting your gut can land you into problems because there is no prove of the reason why you chose to decide in a given way. However, sometimes you may be contemplating to do a certain thing that when you follow one route the results may be devastating, while otherwise may be a bit safe. When the outcome of your decision is negative then you can always follow your gut and take the decision with a positive ending.

Most people, some of them famous have trusted their guts and now they live to be grateful for their decision. The ultimate decision therefore lies with you but it is good to rethink before making a crucial decision rather than following your feelings.

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