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5 Destructive Habits That Make Your Life Miserable

miserable-lifeIf we choose to remain happy habitually, we become happy. If we choose to complain habitually, we become sad. We become what we do repeatedly. Your habits can either help you or hurt you. Habits that hurt you have a habit of stealing your happiness away and leave you with misery for company. Here are some destructive habits to watch out for:

1. Harboring hate and resentment

Hate, as short a word that it is, has the most venom in it not to affect the person you hate but to yourself. When you begin to hate someone or something, it begins to take over you entirely. Soon enough, you will forget what you hate and why you hate it, you will begin to hate just for the sake of hating. The worst part of it all – it makes you hate yourself too. You are enveloped in a darkness that only light can drive out. When you are faced with a situation that makes you want to hate, love instead. Make a habit of loving and not hating, you will love yourself and everything around you.

2. The perfect moment

We sometimes spend so much of time and energy for the perfect moment, that perfect opportunity, the perfect family that it may have passed us by and we were too focused on perfection to take any notice. The states of perfection are the biggest myths. They have never existed and will never exist. If you make the best of every moment you have wherever you are, you will learn to be happy despite’s life’s little imperfections.

3. Working without passion

If you want to experience life in a prison, look at someone who works with no interest and just for the paycheck. If you are living a life in which your work is only a mode to pay your monthly bills, you will end up spending your life constantly wishing you had someone else’s life. We spend a good chunk of our lives working and if this is something that cannot define you as a person; you are letting it sap away your happiness, little by little.

4. Worries and fears

When asked about regrets on a death bed, many people spoke of worries and fears they held on to during their lives which replaced happiness with depression. Take a close look at all the things that weigh heavily on your heart and soul. Change the things you can. Accept the things that you can’t. Let go of the layers and layers of anxieties and worries that weigh you down. Things don’t always have to happen your way. You need not control everyone and everything around you. Find the productive you under all these layers and begin to appreciate everything that has gone right and everything around you as it is. Life will then be truly fulfilling.

5. Fleeting contentment vs enduring contentment

When we look at all the people around us, we see two types of happy people. They are either the ones who seek fleeting contentment or ones who seek enduring contentment. You seek fleeting contentment when material comforts please you. When there are none, you are not so pleased any more. Enduring contentment however, comes from the gradual growth of your mind and soul. This type of contentment takes you over the waves of life’s ups and downs. This type of contentment gives you peace, confidence and happiness no fleeting contentment can give you. Feed your heart and mind and soul with all the necessary foods to make them thrive.

Change your bad habits into good ones with little baby steps every day and you will find yourself habitually happy and at peace with life. 

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