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Can Plants Help Us Understand Consciousness Better?

Understand ConsciousnessOne of the most mystical and strange mysteries of the universe is consciousness. Trying to find a specific definition of consciousness is nearly impossible, because it’s so complex but yet so simple at the same time. In general, esoteric teachings define consciousness as an informational field of awareness that is responsible for creating the reality we live in. Modern physicists describe consciousness as a unified field of pure potentiality that defines our existence and reality. These two definitions may seem different, but they actually have a lot of similarities.

Through many scientific experiments, quantum physicists have discovered that when you break matter down to its fundamentals, it becomes mostly empty space. They also found that the rest of the remaining matter isn’t actually made of solid material but behaves more like waves of energy. In their conclusions, they stated that everything is made of energy and that energy seems to be conscious. The evidence of the intelligence of energy was found when a group of scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Israel did a double-slit experiment.

Here is a short excerpt about the double-slit experiment.

“They used electrons, instead of photons, and observed how the resultant interference pattern (which indicates wave-like properties of the particle) dissipated the longer you watched the electrons go through the slits. As a wave the electron passes through both slits simultaneously but if, according to E Buks, it “senses” that it is being watched, the electron (as a particle) goes through only one path, diminishing the interference pattern. Elementary particles (such as photons and electrons) appear to possess a certain degree of “intelligence” and awareness of the environment. Renowned plasma and particle physicist, David Bohm, says “In some sense a rudimentary mind-like quality is present even at the level of particle physics. As we go to subtler levels this mind-like quality becomes stronger and more developed.”

With our current understanding of reality, it’s nearly impossible for us to define what consciousness truly is, since it’s multidimensional in nature and can’t actually be observed. Even though consciousness is hard to understand, we can still understand some of it through studying the effects of consciousness.

When we connect the dots and look at the big picture, consciousness and energy are basically the same thing. The simplest definition of consciousness is energy. What is energy? Energy is a “substance” that can’t be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Since everything is made of energy, then all things in the cosmos have some level of consciousness embedded inside them.

Understanding Consciousness Using Psychoactive Plants

There are many methods that can help us understand consciousness better. Psychoactive plants are some of them, but they should be used in a safe and controlled environment. Psychoactive plants are plants that have psychotropic properties. These properties can alter a person’s perception in ways that are extraordinary. Some psychoactive plants can cause serious side effects and therefore aren’t recommended for recreational use.

One of the popular psychoactive plants that is used for altering a person’s state of consciousness is ayahuasca, a psychoactive plant that grows in the Amazon rainforest. The ayahuasca drink is actually made of ayahuasca combined with chacruna or chagropanga. These plants contain unusually high amounts of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a naturally occurring psychedelic substance.

In certain parts of South America, ayahuasca is used by shamans to help them communicate with spirits, nature or the universe. This technique is popular for treating spiritual illnesses in certain indigenous cultures. In Brazil, it’s common to see small groups of people taking ayahuasca together to alter their state of consciousness, allowing them to go on a spiritual journey beyond the physical realm.

Using ayahuasca to treat emotional problems and spiritual illnesses is becoming more popular every year, which is why people all over the world are visiting South America to try this psychoactive plant. The ayahuasca mixture isn’t easy to drink, because it tastes very bitter and has a nasty smell to it. A lot of first time ayahuasca users tend to experience nausea and diarrhea. However, after the experience, they feel refresh and reborn.

The best way to understand the mysteries of the cosmos is to experience them directly. With the help of ayahuasca, users can sense how it feels to connect with nature and experience how it’s like to become aware of higher states of consciousness. This can help them understand themselves better and how nature works.

Ayahuasca is generally safe when used in a responsible and safe manner. However, it’s not wise to rely solely on this psychoactive plant to alter your state of consciousness. The best tool to use for connecting to higher levels of consciousness is already inside you. Learn how to calm your mind to the point where it can be at peace and you will eventually be able to experience higher states of consciousness.



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