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5 Lessons We Can Learn From Negative People

screen-capture-301Whether it is a skill, a trait or a habit, experience and practice definitely matters. However, life gives often us an opportunity to learn by others’ experiences as well, without having to undergo the ordeal ourselves. This ‘passive’ experience, one which we gain from watching and observing others often gives us some of the most precious lessons of our lives.

We can actually learn some valuable lessons from negative people. In the section that follows, we will talk about 5 key lessons from people who constantly dwell in negativity. In the process, we will also try and demonstrate how futile it is to be negative in life and how looking at others can teach you some valuable reasons to stay from this state of mind.


1. How badly it hurts to be negative

It is actually a painful feeling to be negative in life. When we see someone in such a state of being, it is very apparent that the person has put himself through an enormous amount of pain and discomfort, especially psychologically. When we look at the darker side of life, it makes us vulnerable to a host of undesirable feelings, complexes and fears that are absolutely unwarranted for. To be with a pessimist actually tells you what a difficult life they have created for themselves.

2. It’s really a futile exercise

Well, we often don’t realize it when we are in the midst of its ourselves. However, to see someone dwelling on the futile negatives of life tells how badly it hurts to be in that state of mind. When you see someone like this, you tend to feel an immediate gush of sympathy. When you look at it from the outer side, you can see how easy it is to be positive and have the right attitude. Instead, the other person has merely ended up being the epicenter of sympathy from everyone around.

3. It increases the labor multifold

Often in life, the solution to every problem and situation is really simple. We just tend to complicate matters owing to our own distorted priorities and perceptions. Learning to look at the matters from a positive and progressive viewpoint makes it that much easier to solve all the tricky situations of life. It clouds our thinking and impairs our ability to think rationally and hence, arrive at practical solutions in life.

4. It just wastes your time and talent

While an occasional slump is fine, but a constant state of negativity could seriously hamper your productivity in life. It takes so much of energy to deal with negative emotions that everything else takes a backseat. An individual who is excessively involved in brooding, grumbling or worrying is bound to feel sapped out. Hence, his ability to do justice to his talents and utilize his time gets totally marred.  

5. Life is too short to fret

When it comes to setting milestones and making achievements in life, only those with a positive mindset can succeed. The joys of life are boundless and it virtually takes a lifetime to enjoy each emotion. Losing such precious moments in worrying or fretting is just not worth it. 


When it comes to success in life, perhaps the most important thing is your attitude. The right amount of hard work and introspection done on the state of your attitude can simply create wonders, much beyond our imagination. A wise man not only learns from his own mistakes in life but also from that of others.  It always helps to observe others, see the common pitfalls they fall into, try to help them and eventually, learn from their mistakes and avoid making the same ones yourself.  

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