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15 Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Life

person to change your lifeIt’s quite common that at one point in our life we loose desire to improve or change anything. We feel content with where we are. Life goes by on autopilot. Then we get depressed… and unless we have a great supportive people around, it’s hard to steer  towards change alone. Sometimes it’s just one area of your life that is sluggish, but more often than now, when one thing falls, so is everything else.

So how do we find the way out? Are there signs that can help us identify that we are heading to a destructive sad place?

Fortunately yes, there are warning signals that if we are aware of them and pay attention to those signals, we can escape that future. So that you won’t have to go one more day stuck in a less than optimal life, here are 15 warning signs that you need to change your life pronto:

1. You find it difficult to get up every morning.

No matter what you’ve got going on, you just find it hard to slide out of bed every morning with a smile on your face.

2. Just about everything irritates you.

If you’re snapping at even the littlest things, perhaps it’s time you deal with some unresolved anger or frustration issues.

3. You’re attending a constant pity party.

Every once in a while, it just feels good to have a pity party, but if you’re continually wallowing in self-pity, it’s time for change.

4. You think about packing up your vehicle and taking off for a sabbatical across country.

Sure, vacations are wonderful, but if you’re contemplating leaving and never coming back, it sounds like you are scared of your current situation and need to escape. Face the fears and then take a vacation.

5. Your friends and family members are telling you that you need change.

If others are being gut-level honest with you and letting you know that you need to make some major attitude or other changes in your life, listen up.  It’s oftentimes those on the outside that notice our plight well before we do.

6. You absolutely dread Monday mornings.

If you’d rather get stung by 100 bees than get up one more Monday morning for a job you despise, it’s time to sit down and make a major career change.  If you need help, hire a Life or Business Coach to assist you. Sometimes it simply takes someone else to keep you accountable and create an action plan to go after a job that you really want.

7. You get jealous when other people share good news.

If your coworker comes in all happy about the fantastic weekend he just had and you’re glowing with green jealousy, it’s time to get to a spot where you can gloat about your amazing weekends.  Make some changes!

8. All you do is talk about your past.

Guess what. The past is over, so if your conversations revolve around all the cool things you did way back when, you’re in need of some cool current events.  Make some exciting plans and begin living in the present moment.  Yes, the past is wonderful, but if you continue to sit around talking about your past, you’ll never create new, epic memories.

9. Most of your thoughts are negative.

If you’re a Debbie Downer or Lame Larry, it’s time to retrain your brain to go from negative to positive.  Negativity will get you nothing but sad moods and zero friends, so create some positive affirmations and get your mindset overflowing with optimism.

10. You drink to cope.

Sure, a cocktail after a tough day every so often just feels good, but if you find yourself drinking more and more or if you’re drinking to numb some inner pain you are experiencing, it’s time to put the drink down and contend with life sober. If you’re dependent upon alcohol to get through the stresses of life, consider reaching out for help via a substance abuse professional or Alcoholics Anonymous.

11. You sleep a lot.

Sleep is important, but if you’re sleeping a lot more than normal, it may be a sign of depression.  If you’re sleeping more than 10 hours a day or taking extremely long naps often, consult with a medical professional to rule out any physical problems. If you’re sleeping because you’re bored much of the time, it’s time to seriously evaluate your life and create a plan to get you out there having fun more often.

12. You’re afraid of everything.

If fear is ruling your life, it’s time to face it once and for all. Are you afraid to switch to a career you’ll love?  Are you unhappy in your relationship, yet stay in it because you’re afraid to be alone?  Don’t let fear keep you imprisoned. Make some changes.

13. You sit around thinking this question a lot: “Is this all there is to life?”

14. Stress is kicking your butt.

If your stress levels are super high due to work, family, health issues, etc., it’s time to learn how to cope with stress in positive and helpful ways.  Try yoga, do some deep breathing, exercise regularly, and see a counselor if needed.

15. You feel like everything is wrong.

If that small voice is constantly whispering that everything always goes wrong and you’re just not happy with anything, time for some serious changes in your life. Declare that you will no longer settle for a compromised life.

There you have it! 15 warning signs that it is indeed time to make some changes.  Good news is that you absolutely can change your life starting today in small and big ways, so get busy creating a plan to  match the life of your desires.

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