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Surprising Mysteries Of Water

structured waterWater is an element that we see and taste on a daily basis, but yet most of us don’t understand how amazing water truly is. Besides being able to change into three different states of matter, which are solid, liquid or gas, water may have the ability to store memory. Water memory isn’t something new. Some hydrologists and researchers have known for decades that water may have memory. However, trying to prove this claim hasn’t been easy. To understand if water has memory, we need to turn our attention to a French medical doctor named Dr. Jacques Benveniste.

Water and Memory

Dr. Benveniste discovered that when a substance is added to water, the water somehow has the ability to absorb the memory of that substance, even after the substance has been diluted to the point where it is barely detectable. In addition, when the frequencies of the substance are digitally recorded and transmitted into new untreated water using an electronic transducer, the water will behave like it is being treated with the actual substance. It is as if water is conscious.

Another researcher who did an excellent job of showing the mystical properties of water is Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto discovered that human thoughts can affect the structures of water. For example, when someone focuses positive thoughts on a glass of water before it is frozen, as the water crystallizes, it forms beautiful geometries. On the hand, when negative thoughts are used, the water crystallizes into deformed shapes. This process has been successfully repeated by other researchers using the power of prayer, music, written words and thoughts.

Most of us may be surprised that water has memory but once we start studying how reality works beyond the conventional paradigm, we will eventually realize that pretty much any substance can store memory. If light (e.g., laser) and DNA can store information, what makes us think that water can’t store information?

The Healing Properties of Water

Water is the most powerful manifestation compound because it has the ability to communicate with all substances. This is one of the many reasons why water is essential for life to exist and why our body is made of mostly water. When water is charged with healing frequencies or healing thoughts, it can act like a catalyst to help heal our body. In theory, if we could keep our body’s frequency above 60 MHz, we would be more immune to disease and therefore we shouldn’t get sick very often.

Water that is charged with healing frequencies or rich in nutrients and free of harmful chemicals is great for raising our frequency. When we drink this type of water, its healing features will also spread to the rest of the water in our body. Since our cells contain a lot of water, the water charged with healing frequencies will help increase the frequency of our cells. As our cells’ frequency increases, they will be able to perform better.

The Toxic Chemicals in Water

Water has amazing healing potential, but because of water pollution problem, it is becoming a health hazard. To make matters worse, many countries are treating their drinking water with sodium fluoride. In the US, sodium fluoride is used to treat tap water. It is also used in conventional toothpaste and pesticides. Sodium fluoride isn’t the same as the natural version of fluoride, which is known as calcium fluoride. This form of fluoride is naturally found in soil and ground water in small amounts. On the other hand, sodium fluoride isn’t natural because it is a byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

The term “fluoride” is a coverup name for many of the toxic chemicals in fluoride, including but not limited to aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, lead, fluorosilicic acid and even radioactive materials. This loophole allows companies to dump their toxic chemicals into drinking water and consumer products, so that they don’t have to pay large amounts of money to safely dispose their toxic wastes. Since water pollution is a big problem, if you don’t want polluted water to harm your health, you may want to install a multistage water purification system to purify your drinking water. For removing sodium fluoride, activated alumina water filters or reverse osmosis water purification system is recommended.



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