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Must See It To Believe: How To Access Your Subconscious

genius-brainWould you believe me if I said I have seen muscles of the body talking to the mind? My faith in energy therapies grew by leaps and bounds when I saw energy therapists enabling the client’s subconscious knowledge to be expressed through the muscles of the arms in the form of yes or no answers. This makes me believe the subconscious brain can guide healing in the body.

How can our subconscious display such extraordinary powers?

All of us know what we need to do to heal our bodies but it is only when we enable the subconscious to speak can our physical self be healed.

Our subconscious does have a voice.

Dr. Bradley Nelson (shown in the video below) has demonstrated a combination of muscle kinesiology and energy therapy to explain the hidden problem and then alleviate it. In the video, he asks a woman from the audience to volunteer and stand on the stage with her one arm extended parallel to the floor. Any person can hold the arm in this position even after application of slight pressure, say 2 pounds. Bradley applied the same pressure and the woman’s arm stayed where it was. If she were under emotional stress, this same pressure would have caused a drop in the arm due to a temporary break in flow of energy. This is how muscle kinesiology gives a yes/no voice to the subconscious.

Can subconscious access “universal intelligence,” as Dr. Nelson calls it?

All of us have used Google and received information as desired and on demand. The computer seems to have all the knowledge in the world. But how does the internet work? There are people behind it who can comprehend the inner workings of the “Google phenomenon.” Here, similar to the programers of Google, the phenomenon is the ability of the subconscious to know what is needed to heal and express that need through muscle kinesiology. Is it not mind boggling that we already know what is required to heal us?

Dr. Nelson’s video shows how universal knowledge can help the clients to track down early memories that cause their current difficulties and subsequently release them. Dr. Nelson holds a chart containing 60 emotions divided into two columns with six rows in each column. This makes 12 boxes of 5 emotions each. He then asks the woman if there is a trapped emotion which is causing pain. She replies in affirmative. He then asks her if the emotion is listed in the column A and several other questions with her arm still extended outwards. Dr. Nelson observes the stiffness of her arm to decipher her responses. Intuitively she replies through her body, i.e the arm, even without having read the chart, her subconscious is expected to tune into the universal knowledge and know the contents of the chart. With a series of questions Dr. Nelson identifies the box in which the emotion is listed and thereafter the exact emotion that has caused the turbulence in her life. Then, he finds out a few more facts from her; such as, her age when that emotion struck first and the incident that evoked it. In the end, he releases that particular emotion through a magnet and the body pain that the woman has been experiencing gets significantly reduced.

The sixth sense displayed by the woman when she mentioned the row and column of the emotion, even without having read the chart, is what remains incomprehensible to many.

Are universal knowledge and muscle kinesiology phenomena real?

As already mentioned, I have realized that sixth sense does exist. A therapist, Dale Petterson who works in my office tells me that I also possess that sixth sense. I involve Dale in sessions with my clients to augment my traditional therapy techniques. Since I have also graduated from the state of disbelief on such therapies and muscle kinesiology, I do understand people who label them as foolishness and scams. I have myself passed from a state of skepticism to marveling in awe on seeing these techniques work year after year on clients, as well as myself.

Has the sixth sense been tested rigorously?

I believe that this is going to be the next step. It would be a great to hear from psychologists, researchers and psychiatrists that wish to study these phenomena. The phenomenon of the knowledge of subconscious mind and muscle kinesiology poses the same dilemma to these people as hypnosis caused some years ago.

My previous postings describe how Dale Patterson uses these techniques on my clients in my clinic. I have personally seen him reducing emotional stress and pain and mitigating emotions like hunger, anxiety and depression. He has reversed the feelings of “I am not lovable” or “I am not being able to do my best in life’ etc. besides reducing urges to return to bad addictions.

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