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How to Make the Most of Synchronicity in Your Life

clock_700Synchronicity can help you make choices in your life, because it is a form of guidance from the Universe. This post from sheds light on how to use Synchronicity in your life for your greatest good.

Synchronicity appeared to be at work on my recent Mediterranean cruise. I found myself sitting next to or speaking with people who had challenges with cancer. Some of these individuals wanted to know more about my approach to overcoming cancer. Half way into the cruise, I “woke up.” My daily intention, “be of service to others,” was happening while on vacation. I began carrying my business cards with me and gave them to anyone who wanted to know more about integrative wellness.

When I see synchronicity working in my life, I choose to believe that life is working in meaningful ways. I may not understand how it works but the effects convince me that the unseen world is real and harmoniously working with me. I can relax and allow this to happen. How liberating!

Synchronicity: What is It?

Synchronicity is described as the experience of unrelated events occurring together in a meaningful way. An observer finds him/herself in a coincidence that has significance to him/her. It is a connection that seems to defy the laws of visible cause and effect and probability theory. A more in depth explanation might be: Synchronistic events are expressions of a Universal interrelatedness that bring people and events together without apparent cause. describes it this way: Something that looked like it happened completely by chance. On one specific day, on one specific occasion, the heavens dictated, the stars aligned, the winds whispered, the right people were at exactly the right places at the exactly right times to do exactly the right things.

Make the Most of Synchronicity in Your Life

Notice Synchronistic Events: When you are open minded and aware of what is happening around and within you, you are more likely to notice synchronistic events. These encounters can be a “heads up” for 1) your personal growth (A specific book shatters a fear-based story you were telling yourself.) or 2) support to accomplish your intention (You travel to a distant place and meet your future spouse who lives in the same city.) Once you accept the reality of synchronicity, you may feel less anxious about the future and strive less to control outcomes.

Identify the message: When you give the event an empowering interpretation, you give it personal meaning. The message might inspire you to take purposeful action. Is the synchronistic event an answer to a prayer or a response to an intention or just a gift from the Universe? After my atrial fibrillation episode and heart surgery, I decided that I should not go on turbulent rides at amusement parks. With some reservations, I went on the log flume at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. As we were getting closer to the climb before the drop, I felt anxious. The ride broke down before that climb, and about 12 of us had to be escorted off the ride. I took this as a message from the Universe: Stay off turbulent rides and honor your limitations!!!

Give thanks: When you offer gratitude for each synchronistic encounter, you attract more of them. These encounters are helping you evolve personally and bringing important people and opportunities to you in order to improve the quality of your life. Your adventure through life will seem to be filled with the miraculous. I express deep gratitude when synchronicity touches my life. It feels good to know I am not alone here. After my encounter at Disney, I totally accept and feel at peace with my decision to stay off turbulent rides.

Synchronicity, the Law of Attraction and grace work in similar ways to connect us with a Power and Order working behind the scenes. We notice this dynamic occurrence when something out of the ordinary happens in our lives. I feel the sacred touching me with every meaningful coincidence. I invite you to become aware of synchronicity working within your life. Notice those special encounters, find the empowering messages and use them to live your best life. You might even find yourself smiling.

Source: How to Use Synchronistic Events for Your Greatest Good

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