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Is This Your Ego Talking Or Your Passion?

ego or passionLearning how to tell the difference between your ego and your passion is important for achieving happiness and success. Both of them are important for your survival, but when they are out of balanced, they can make your life chaotic. Most of us have been conditioned to rely more on our ego than our passion, which is why we have a hard time discovering who we truly are and why we are here.

What is the Ego?

Your ego is a part of your identity that likes power and control. For this reason, it likes to put you in a state of fear so that it can control you. Your ego isn’t bad or evil, but more like a lost child that is scared and confused. It believes that it is separated from you, which is why it tends to argue with you and manipulate you into doing things that may not be in your best interest. The main focus of your ego is survival. As a result, it will lie and manipulate you so that it can survive. When your ego becomes too overactive, it’s hard for you to achieve spiritual fulfillment. Your ego likes to consume resources to satisfy its desires, which is why it pushes you to want more, need more and seek material things. 

The positive thing about the ego is that its aggressiveness can motivate you to achieve your goals quicker and help you learn lessons. By learning your lessons, you can evolve into a wiser and better person. Unfortunately, most of our egos are too overactive, which is why we feel lost and confused. If you want your ego to stop making your life chaotic, you need to stop fearing it and accept it as a part of you. Doing this will help bring it more in balance with your true self. You also need to be more responsible for your actions. When you are more responsible, your ego becomes less overactive, since you are taking away the responsibilities that you subconsciously gave to your ego when you became irresponsible. 

Why You Should Pay More Attention to Your Passion

Your passion on the other hand is the quiet voice inside you. Some of us like to refer to it as intuition. Your passion is one of your greatest gifts for helping you achieve fulfillment and find your path in life. It helps you achieve your personal goals by guiding you down the best path. Your passion communicates to you in a subtle way, giving you a knowingness that comes without explanation or proof.

If you want more spiritual fulfillment in your life, learn to listen to your passion more than your ego. Fulfillment occurs when you find inner peace within the illusion of materialism. There are a lot of things that can help you achieve spiritual fulfillment. Living through the illusions of reality and experiencing them into wisdom is one effective way. However, you must not become lost in these illusions or you will forget who you truly are. Another effective way is to strengthen the connection to your soul, so that you can communicate more efficiently with your lower and higher identities. True spiritual fulfillment occurs when you integrate all your identities and become one with Creation.

How to Tell the Difference Between Your Ego and Your Passion (Intuition)

Your passion or intuition won’t lie to you since it’s the light of truth. However, your interpretation of what your passion is telling you may not always be right. This usually happens when your ego gets in the way. In the beginning, learning to differentiate between your intuition and ego can be hard. However, if you learn to trust and understand your emotions, it will make it easier for you to sense your intuition.

Here are three tips to help strengthen your passion or intuition:

1. Your first impression toward something is usually your passion guiding you. The feeling isn’t limited to the area of your head, because it can be felt throughout the whole body. Your intuition is generally felt around the heart and stomach area.

2. You intuition behaves similar to a very intelligent and creative playful child. A lot of the time it will communicate to you in a subtle way. Your passion is usually the strongest when something is wrong. Try remembering a negative experience in your past. Right before the negative experience, did you felt an urging feeling that was telling you to be careful or not to go? Try to remember exactly how this felt. This feeling is your intuition telling you that something bad could happen.

3. Meditation is a great way to strengthen your connection with your intuition, because it reduces the noise in your head. The easiest time to communicate with your passion is when your mind is at peace.



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