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Happiness – How To Find It In Your Daily Life?

always feel happy“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

Have you on some days woken up with the energy of an elephant, ready to take on the world? And then on other days, you feel as though you have lead strapped onto your shoes, feel absolutely sluggish and negative about the entire day? We all have been here at some point of time or other. Some people go through these ups and down more often than others. How do you wake up and go through the day happy, every day?

The secret is that happiness is a practice, the more you practice, the easier it comes to you.

More than anything, happiness is a choice we make, not something that dawns upon us. If you wake up with a decision to be happy, nothing can bring you down. It is a mindset you train and nurture. Life is a synonym for test – it will always test you and push you. Whether you can make the best lemon martini out of the lemons life throws at you is something you have to decide on.

Here is a guide to help you be happy on a daily basis. Some of the tips here may sound like absolute common sense, but it is still mentioned here because we have seen that often common sense is not common practice.

Impactful Start

Start your morning with something impactful, like a powerful workout as opposed to something meaningless like watching TV or reading bad news in the newspaper. If a workout is not your type of thing first thing in the morning, think of something meaningful to do at the start of the day which will make the rest of your day go well. Have a string prayer session, or have a positive self-talk with yourself. Do something that will give you an ace to start your day with.

Don’t Rush

I know this generation is often known as the rushing generation. People spend half the time at a museum than they used to 10 years ago. Kids at playgrounds spend an average of 20 minutes there compared to kids 10 years ago, who used to spend 45 minutes at a park. The gist of what I am saying here is – don’t rush through your tasks for the day. The biggest stress creator and happiness killer is when people believe who don’t stop to smell the roses because they are rushing to do everything. Tell yourself that there is always time to smell the roses.

Happiness Flood

I call this a happiness flood because this act comprises of many things – hence the term flood. Spend a few minutes each day, either in the morning, when you are alone or at night to remind yourself of all the things you should be happy for. The big things, the small things – all the things you should be grateful for. What made you proud recently? What made you smile today? Think of all the people in your life that have made your life complete.

When we practice gratitude on a daily basis, negativity slips out, anger dissolves and unhappiness vanishes. You will find that you have so much to be happy for when you actually think about it.

What Makes You Happy?

All of us have those secret ingredients that make us smile, get inspired or make us happy. It could be a hobby, a meet up with friends, a run in the park, a movie or achieving something. Listen to yourself and find out what makes you really happy. Spend a few minutes and write a list of the things that make you happy. We write a lot of lists because visual lists work far better than mental lists. When you see something stare at you, you believe it. For me, my kids, writing, shopping and quality time with my husband makes me happy. What works for you?

When you are feeling down, look through this list and you will immediately feel better.


The most contagious disease is a smile. It is a super powerful tool that makes you and the people around you happy. Smile at the frustrated worker in the supermarket. See how you feel when he smiles right back at you. Smiling also does something to the chemical reactions in your brains and gives you a mood lift.

Sculptations uses a unique process called Mindsculpting which aligns your conscious and subconscious minds so that you can enter a state of peak performance… literally on command.

Hundreds of thousands of people using it have already been able to:

  • Think with laser-like focus
  • Have an abundance of self-esteem and confidence
  • Be more creative, intuitive and imaginative
  • Enjoy greater optimism, confidence, happiness and passion
  • Reduce self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and procrastination
  • Be more aligned with their goals
  • And ultimately live better, happier and more successful life!

Choose happiness and sculpt your ideal life!


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