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5 Ways To Keep Balance In Life

screen-capture-309DEFINING BALANCE

It is said there is either a right way to do a thing or a wrong one. There is either a black side to a situation or a white one. However, while this concept might hover on over theoretical studies, there is an additional grey aspect which somehow appears as the most prominent perspective in every situation!

In our practical everyday life, there is often no clear right or wrong. One has to always strive to find that justified, logical ‘middle path’ in life, which is the exact embodiment of the term ‘balance’.

So what exactly is the meaning of the oft-repeated phrase “Keep balance in life”? Well, let’s take a quick look at some of the basic features of the concept.

Being balanced in life essentially mean:

  • Having no extremities in behavior
  • Having a controlled disposition under all circumstances
  • Being equally controlled in excess of happiness or grief
  • Being mostly unaffected by varied situations in life, such as loss of money, a loved one and so on 


Having explained the above, it’s now time to examine why is it so important to keep that quintessential balance in life.

Well, here’s the logic. By its very nature, extremities in human behavior are unhealthy and hence cause damage. Man, as an organism has been bestowed with the ability to think, rationalize and then react. The moment this ability is lost due to an imbalanced behavior, we lose our sense of right and wrong, which is why the extremities in behavior hurts.


Here, let’s look at five key ways to keep a firm grip on your sense of balance in life.

1. Work on your behavior

You have to know the basics of balanced behavior. Certain reactions are wrong in every situation. Unless the odds are really against you and you just can’t hold back, do not react in an undesirable manner or say something that you might regret later.

2. Know your priorities

Knowing your priorities will keep you focused. Your mind will be attuned to your efforts and achievements in life, which will eventually lead to a sort of psychological balance. This will motivate you to keep your balance and manage your behavior well.

3. Know the exigency plan

What if you are thrown off guard, in spite of the best of your efforts? Have an exigency plan in mind if you happen to lose your balance suddenly. If you’ve been angered, learn to cool down with relaxation techniques. If you are under a shock, give yourself some time. Know that you are human enough and losing your balance sometimes is absolutely natural!

4. Set rules for your self

Know and accept that what’s wrong today will be wrong tomorrow. Do not let yourself fall into easy traps of wrong behavior. Life will throw up frequent challenges to test your sense of control and balance. With your feet firmly on the ground, learn to keep your focus and stay away from undesirable behavior patterns.

5. Ingrain the spirit in yourself

You don’t have to pretend that you are a balanced person. Nor the composure has to be exhibited for someone else. You first have to work on your psychological set-up from within and believe that you are a balanced person. You have to understand and accept that the only way to live a fulfilled life is by being a balanced person. Once this conviction comes in, it will be easy for you to set and maintain the said rules for yourself.

A word on temptation

We are all tempted to act on impulse. Given an overly joyful, resentful or a sad situation, we would like to forget the dictates of a balanced life and simply throw up. Successes and failures, marriages and breakups, births and deaths; all tempt us to act recklessly. However, these are the times that test you and also the ones that really matter!

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