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3 Reality Hacks That Change Everything

changing realityHave you ever thought about how your life would be if you could implement reality hacks in a way that makes your life less stressful? Changing your reality isn’t as hard as you may think. You can’t consciously make things magically appear or disappear out of thin air, but you can change how you interact with your reality.

The beauty of living in a reality like Earth is that no one can experience something exactly the same way. For example, when two people look at a painting, they will see it differently and have different opinions about the artwork. This is because their subconscious filters out what it feels isn’t important. What feels important to someone may not feel important to someone else. This feeling of importance will vary depending on your personality and the experiences you went through in life. If your subconscious didn’t filter out unnecessary information, your conscious would become overloaded with information, making it impossible for you to function normally.

After your subconscious filters the irrelevant data, it sends the relevant information to your conscious. It’s at this moment that you become aware of what you are experiencing. Your thought then allows you to respond to what you are experiencing by allowing you to decide how to react. Therefore, your thought is the most important thing for changing your reality and mood. By learning to change how you react to your reality, it becomes easier for you to achieve your desires.

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Tip 1: Learn to control your thoughts

The most important tool to use to change your reality is your thought, because everything you do starts with the thought process. If you learn how to control your thought better, you can consciously choose how to react to an unpleasant experience. For example, instead of being angry when someone yells at you, you can consciously choose to walk away with a smile. Learning how to do this will make your life less stressful and you will be happier.

Besides learning how to control your thought, you also need to focus more on positive thoughts, because they are important for achieving inner peace and motivating you to achieve your desires. Modern society is heavily saturated with distracting and negative subliminal messages, which are very effective at stimulating negative thoughts. To reduce the effects of subliminal messages, watch less TV and listen to less distracting music. To change negative thoughts into positive thoughts, you need to shift your focus into the observer mode. This state puts your mind closer to a non-judgmental state, making it easier for you to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Tip 2: Understand your emotions

Your emotions work similar to your mind, because they help you discern information. Unlike the mind, which helps you to understand the world through logic, your emotions allow you to understand your environment through cognition. Therefore, they give you the ability to perceive reality beyond logic and your five senses. If you learn how to control your emotions, you can use them to change how you feel about an experience. This is very important for reducing stress and achieving your desires.

To learn how to control your emotions better, you first need to acknowledge your emotions, so that you can become more aware of them. Understanding your emotions is also great for helping you control your emotions. From experience, I have found that by allowing emotional experiences to flow through me instead of blocking them, it makes it easier for me to understand my emotions.

Tip 3: Visualize and think about your desires

The power of visualization plays a crucial role in changing your reality to achieve your desires. Practicing visualization techniques puts you in a state of mind that is very similar to the state of actually performing the visualization. According to Psychology Today, Guang Yue, a psychologist from Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, did a study on weightlifters and found that their brain patterns were similar during weightlifting and during the process of visualizing themselves lifting weights.

Using visualization techniques to improve athletes’ performance are so effective that many coaches are incorporating these techniques into their daily training routines. The Russians were some of the first people to use visualization methods to improve the performance of their athletes. Nowadays, many professional athletes are using these powerful imagination techniques, including but not limited to Tiger Woods.

Changing your reality can be hard to do, but if you learn how to effectively utilize the three techniques in this article, you should be able to control how you interact with your reality. By achieving this, it becomes easier for you to change your reality and achieve your desires.



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