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10 Things To Practice Daily That Will Improve Your Life

simple lifeLife can be quite challenging sometimes. Only if there were tools we could use that would make life easier, something that would take the edge off during those difficult times. That’s exactly why we wanted to share 10 things that if practiced daily will give you an advantage in not only during stressful moments, but also everyday life.

#1: Learn To Remember The Names Of The People You See On A Daily Basis

I bet it feels great when someone calls you by name even if you only met them a few times. You feel more connected to that person right away. Try to make an effort to not only ask but also remember the names of people you see regularly, like the cashier at the supermarket you go to, mail man, etc. It is a great way to train your memory as well as make the other person feel special. You do need to find time and chat with them for a minute. Try to connect and remember that every one of us are quite unique individuals, everyone has a story to share, mission to fulfill, and you might actually become good friends 🙂

#2: Try To Understand Others’ Perspectives

We must make an effort to understand the perspectives of others, especially during disagreements and arguments. Instead of immediately dismissing an individual’s view point as irrelevant, we must not jump to conclusions and try to really understand where that person is coming from. Usually, someone says something unpleasant only when we remind them about something that they are not happy about.

#3: We May Criticize Actions, But Not People

We must take extra care to make sure that we are not attacking a person’s character in any manner what so ever. You can tell someone that he/she is not working effectively or maybe there’s a better way to do certain things that they are not aware of. However, we must desist from calling someone names as it can lead us into a very personal argument which can never be resolved. Dr. Laurence J. Peter once said: “Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.” So choose your words wisely.

#4: Try Everything At Least Once

Of course, if it is something that will ruin your life, by all means say no. I would actually try most things twice. I remember first time I tried sushi, it tasted absolutely disgusting but after a few dinners at amazing sushi restaurants, it is now on my “top 10 favorite foods” list :-). Being open to possibilities offers not only new experiences but also new perspectives in life. So go out there, travel to a foreign country, go skydiving, explore and expand!

#5: Books Are Still The Best Gift 

With the current technology options like Kindles, Ipads, book readers, audio books, it’s easier than ever to consume information. Books will always make a great gift. If you know the person well enough, you will be able to pick something they will always cherish.

#6: Always Take Time and Appreciate Hard Work

We can get so frustrated when we don’t see expected results after putting in a lot of effort. The hardest place for this is your work, especially if you are working with people. You can start criticizing a person when they fail, ignoring the hard work that he/she has put in. Instead make sure to let that person know that the hard work done on the project by him/her is really appreciated. It can also go a long way in motivating him/her to perform better in the future.

#7: Simply Be Quiet If You Have Nothing Good To Say

Simply don’t be fake! Yes, you can pass on fake compliments to anyone. Complimenting someone genuinely for something encourages them to do more of that good work. This is a golden rule that we must always follow – If we can’t say anything good about a person, it is better not to say anything at all.

#8: Learn To Appreciate Life’s Subtle Hilarities

If we look around carefully, we will realize that there is a funny side to almost every situation in life. If you trip on something, say something that doesn’t make sense, just laugh at yourself. Stop taking yourself too seriously and don’t spoil fun for everyone else.

#9: Never Try To Hog The Spotlight

Everyone is talented and it is important to highlight the talent of each person. It is tempting to compare our achievements with that of the person who is receiving a great deal of attention, but never ever do that. Let everyone shine.

#10: Remember That You Are In This World To Fulfill A Mission

There has to be a purpose in life. A life without a purpose is nothing but a life wasted. Each one of us should strive to find our niche. This is where each one us can contribute a great deal and make a difference. If we are clear and focused, we will find our niche.

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  • Britomart

    Marvelous list. I felt validated by number 9; I was an actor (roll of the eyes) because I felt I wanted to be acknowledged for my gifts and depth of feeling. Then I saw the BS self-absorption of it all and realized my bottom line motive was to be a storyteller that deepened another person’s humanity. My energy was being misdirected and I let that path go, with the caption that it was no longer about Dig Me, it is and always was, Dig US.