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Third Eye – A Path To Spiritual Dimensions

third eyeIs it possible that you literally have a third eye that connects you to spiritual dimensions? Perhaps this third eye can be found within the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland in the exact geometric center of the brain and comes from the root word “pinea” which is Latin for “pinecone”.

Pinecone symbolism appears all over the ancient world from the Sumerian, Greek, and Roman traditions, to the Vatican and staff of the Pope. It is highly reverenced to be of high psychic and spiritual significance, and bindis are often word in Hindu culture as a way of signifying the pineal gland’s importance with spiritual wakefullness. What is remarkable is when biophysical analysis is done of the pineal gland interior.

The interior of the pineal gland actually has retinal tissue composed of rods and cones (photoreceptors) inside its interior lining just like the eye, and is even wired into the visual cortex in the brain. “The photoreceptors of the retina strongly resemble the cells of the pineal gland”. Dr. David Klein, Science Daily. This gland has all the structures needed in order to constitute an eye, and even has vitreous fluid as a regular eye does.

What’s more is that the pinealocytes within this gland are also similar to piezoelectric crystals found within the inner ear. Piezoelectric crystals are used to pick up sound vibrations from electromagnetic radiation, and are used in things like microphones and radios. So this little gland has the ability to pick up audio frequencies and even literal photons of light that get trapped in the rods and cones of the retinal tissue of the gland and get fired into the visual cortex of the brain.

David Wilcock is probably one of the people that has done the most research on pineal gland. Watch this video below where David Wilcock explains some of the most important discoveries about the pineal gland, which are detailed at length in his seminal about new masterpiece, book “Source Field Investigations”.

This is cutting edge science and spirituality that will change the world for the better when it is fully understood. From mental, physical and spiritual health, the functioning of the pineal gland is critical.

It is possible that when ancient traditions spoke of a “third eye” that they knew what they were talking about? Even Rene Descartes believed this gland to be your connection point with God. It appears to be a little satellite receiver in there, but where is it picking up signals from? Could it be that is a sort of gateway between our physical body and our energy body that allows for the transference of photons and information?

Suggested books to read:

DMT the spirit molecule by Rick Strassman

SourceField Investigations by David Wilcock



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  • Julian

    Time to lucid dream~ hopefully we come back with some world changing info! x)

  • Jeanette

    Amazing! This helped me to further understand clearly the process how LOA (law of attraction) works and why it doesn’t work. Thank you for your time and energy given in this explanation of your expertise.

  • Carla

    This info is so interesting! I’ve been using Earthing bands for about a month and they block the EM field resulting in me dreaming like crazy. I can even get up in the middle of a dream and come back and start where I left off in the dream. I’ve been spending time with my dead mother in a lot of dreams. Thanks for the info. It has helped me to better understand what is going on in my brain and what I can to improve its functioning.

  • judaline shamsuddin

    Very useful site. thank you.

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