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Mysteries Of The Mind: Consult Your Dreams For A More Fulfilling Life

luciddIdeas about where dreams come from, what they mean, if anything, and what to do with them, abound. However, most modern psychologists tend to agree that dreams originate in the subconscious or unconscious part of the mind, and serve definite psychological purposes. Contemporary mystics regard dreams as communications from your Higher Self which, in turn, is synonymous with related concepts pointing to the same phenomenon; the Self, the authentic or true self, the subconscious/unconscious/super-conscious self, or the soul. Today, only die-hard skeptics will doubt the significant, creative, and life-enhancing role of dreams in our lives, though there is plenty of evidence that dreams are not simply meaningless, random, by-products of the waking mind during sleep. For example, Einstein said he derived his scientific theories from meditating on a dream in which he moved at the speed of light. Moreover, Dmitri Mendeleyev saw the period table in a dream in 1869, and Elias Howe invented the sewing machine by acting on images in his dream. Read here how to reconnect with your Higher self through your dreams, and why it is important to do so.

The Higher Self

The Higher Self refers to a higher consciousness that is a part of you – more accurately, you are a part of it – though it is at the same time beyond, and greater than, you. It operates on an infinitely expansive and elevated level of consciousness compared to the more limited ego-consciousness. Thus, it knows more about you than you do; for example, The Higher Self knows what your grand purpose on earth is, what you need, and how you should go about fulfilling that purpose. Moreover, it is in constant contact with you, manifesting itself in a variety of ways, including through synchronicities, intuitive feelings, and the symbolic language of your dreams. The key to reconnecting with your Higher Self is in your hands: it requires an intention to make the connection, to pay attention to its expressions and messages, and to act on them.

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Dreams and Your Higher Self

Pioneer psychologists like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, among others, recognized that dreams are a constant and infinite source of wisdom about the dreamer, as well as the dreamer’s connection to the mysteries of the universe. When the ordinarily busy and limited ego-consciousness goes to sleep, and has little power to interfere with the workings of the deeper unconscious/Higher Self, the latter uses the opportunity to communicate with the dreamer. Employing a variety of usually visual symbols – objects that point to phenomena beyond them – the Higher Self sends the dreamer messages, provides creative solutions to problems, offer guidance and wisdom, and can even reveal aspects of the dreamer’s future.

Decoding and understanding the highly personal and symbolic meanings of dream communications is actually not complicated. The dream itself will reveal its meanings to the dreamer, provided that you as the dreamer develop a constant curiosity about your dream life. This implies that you regularly record through writing what you dream about, and ask yourself questions about the possible meanings of this or that aspect of a dream. In many instances, the specific meanings may reveal themselves over a period of time. The crucial issue is not whether you will be able to make sense of your dreams, but that you develop a serious, ongoing relationship with your dreams. When the Higher Self notices that you are sincere and diligent in establishing contact, it will show itself more clearly and openly.

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Your Dreams

Becoming Whole

Ultimately, dreams help us become whole. They help to fill gaps in our lives since our ego-consciousness is too preoccupied with the material aspects of daily life to notice what is missing in the big picture. But your Higher Self knows, and lets you know about it through your dreams.

Source Energy

The symbolic images in dreams are not your inventions. They come from a higher consciousness that imputes its profound, vibrant, life-giving energies into the images and symbols. When you contemplate the possible meanings of dream symbols, they unleash their energy, which flows into, and become part of, your consciousness. In this way you infuse your entire being with Higher Self energy, power, and wisdom. This is generally an unconscious process, which is why you are obviously not aware of it, but will feel and notice its effects in your life in time. You do not even have to fully grasp the meaning of a particular symbol to benefit from its energy: the act of contemplation and seeking its meaning is enough to stimulate the flow of Higher Self energy.

Dreams Are Practical

Dreams are highly practical. They do not seem that way at first glance. It is only when you begin to seriously explore its meanings often that you will notice its practical relevance. Australian Aboriginal and American Indian tribes, for example, incorporated dream consultation sessions into their cultural practices. Members of the tribe would talk about their dreams, and dream interpreters, accepting that dreams contain messages from a Higher Source, would divine messages and instructions as to what they should do in this or that situation. Consider the practical implications of the dreams Einstein, Howe, and Mendeleyev had, for instance.

Your unconscious, Higher Self, has the complete story about you. It uses your dreams, among other things, to let you know things about you that you do not. Start paying attention to your dream life. After all, you have nothing to lose, but a whole lot more to gain.



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