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Brain Hacks To Alter Behavior

brain-hacksWouldn’t it be wonderful if we could really understand the cause and effect of many things that happen in our lives?

How would it be if we were able to understand why we behave the way we do?

Have we ever wondered whether there is any single deciding factor, a pattern that might be common to all the behavior styles?

Most importantly, are there any specific, voluntary measures we can take to alter the pattern of our behavior?

The human body, with all its complexed structure is home to an unfathomable series of hormones, physiological and neurological systems and all the mechanisms that come along. One such system of the body that has recently gained a lot of attention and has witnessed a huge quantum of research is the role our brain plays in determining our style of behavior. Experts insist that our brain is wired in a certain way, which influences how we behave and deal with the world in general.

Read on as we go into some brain hacks so we can alter our behavior patterns for a more powerful personality. 

Brain – The Mechanism and Control

As per science, our brain is basically seen as two different parts, each of them having specific functions to perform. Known as the left and right hemispheres, each of them has a different kind of impact on our behavior and controls different kind of functions. While the left hemisphere governs analytical and logical thinking, the right hemisphere is all about the creative part.

So, how exactly does your brain control your behavior?

Well, our brain has its own way of interpreting the stimulus we give it. Through its complex mechanism of neurological functions, the brain is responsible for the vital emotions like anger, happiness, grief, shock and the like. These interpretations give shape to the kind of behavior we exhibit.

Experts indicate that the 10 most important aspects of our personality that are directly related to the way our brain functions include:

  1. Ability of decision making
  2. Being an optimist or pessimist
  3. Ability to handle anger or tantrums
  4. Problem-solving ability
  5. Logical thinking, such as interpreting maps etc.
  6. Interest in activities like music, art, craft etc. (level of creativity)
  7. Being an extrovert or introvert (social skills)
  8. Interest in physical activity
  9. Willingness to help others or remain detached
  10. Developing habits

5 Brain Hacks to Change Your Behavior

There might not be exactly a way in which you can alter the way your brain controls your behavior. However, there are steps you can take to alter your behavior to enhance your personality for a more satisfactory life.

1. Accept your weaknesses

Study your behavior and try to spot your weaker areas in life. Are you too emotional? On the other hand, do you end up thinking logically in situations where you need to be a bit more emotional? Once you know your specific traits, you will be able to spot out which part of your brain controls your behavior more.

2. Analyze the pattern

Watch out for any specific pattern in which you interact with the outer world. Do you feel inhibited in front of strangers? Alternatively, are you scared to be in a certain situation? Also, try to look for certain specific factors that might be hindering your progress. Keeping a journal is a great way to spot patterns.

3. Learn about the mechanics

It helps to learn about the working of your brain and body. Knowing how your brain interprets the various developments around you and what emotions and reactions arise will surely help.

4. Focus on your weaker aspects

With conscious efforts, work on your weaker aspects and make sure you try to face your complexes and fears. Develop a positive attitude towards life in general and believe in your abilities and strengths.

5. Rewire emotional addictions

Recognizing emotional triggers is the first step to modifying them. That’s right, you may be addicted to certain emotional responses that aren’t serving you. When emotions surface, chemicals flood the body and subconsciously we are wired to that specific response. Becoming acutely aware of the start of the emotional pattern allows you to modify it. In time, your dependence is removed and your brain is rewired.

Use tools like Mind Movies to reinforce positive imagery and affirmations daily.

A great book on this topic is by one of our favorite thought leaders, Dr. Joe Dispenza, called Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself.

Watch the video to learn more about this powerful book

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