Wednesday , 22 September 2021
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10 Crazy Facts About Mirrors

Worried Reflection

We’re all familiar with mirrors – we look into them every day. But mirrors aren’t just for checking your appearance or looking for cars behind you when you’re driving. There are some crazy things mirrors can do, including keeping wormholes stable enough to travel through time. Sounds crazy, right? Did you know that mirrors and phantom limbs can help us ... Read More »

Introducing The Most Fuel Efficient Car In The World!


Dreaming about a car that can give you 300 MPG? Well it is possible. You probably won’t be able to find this particular model from Volkswagen in US yet but it’s considered the most fuel efficient car in the world! Volkswagen XL1 has futuristic design, weights around 1700 pounds, uses diesel fuel but also has the capability to be all electric ... Read More »

Computer That Understands Human Emotions?


Ever since computer was invented, the world of technology has changed rapidly. In less then three decades, we went from barely understanding how it works to building quantum computers and machines that can almost think like us. However, could we ever build a machine that has the ability to understand human emotions? According to some computer programmers, building a machine ... Read More »

How Deep Can You Go While Floating?

float tank

In the 1950s, some experiments were conducted in what were, at the time, referred to as sensory-deprivation tanks. This came at a time when people were looking for alternatives to other types of therapy and other methods of self-actualization. Today, isolation tanks, as they are more commonly known, are typically large boxes or pods made of fiberglass and filled with ... Read More »