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5 Destructive Habits That Make Your Life Miserable


If we choose to remain happy habitually, we become happy. If we choose to complain habitually, we become sad. We become what we do repeatedly. Your habits can either help you or hurt you. Habits that hurt you have a habit of stealing your happiness away and leave you with misery for company. Here are some destructive habits to watch ... Read More »

5 Things You Do NOT Need To Be Happy

living a happy life

Do you remember the time when you were a child in your car? You’d stop at the lights and you and your friends or siblings would wave at people in other cars. Do you remember how happy you’d be if the other person smiled and waved back? As children, we needed so little to make us happy right? As we ... Read More »

8 Things Mentally Strong People Never Do

Mentally Strong

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit – Aristotle The difference between mentally strong and mentally weak people is their habits. Mentally strong people possess healthy habits that they stick by no matter what. People may not be born mentally strong, it is all habit forming. Start forming the habit today of ... Read More »

5 Good Morning Questions For Happiness


I know many people who wake up bright and cheery and some who you would like to stay clear off for a while. This article is especially for all those of you who are not morning people. Mornings are extremely important as they are the foundations on which your entire days are built on. The way you spend your morning ... Read More »

6 Negative Social Habits You Should Quit Today

bad habits

Slow and steady progress is always good; but there is nothing like a strong decisive action to quit cold turkey when it comes to bad habits we all have. Look around you and you will see people who have annoying social habits. Look at yourself deeply and you will find some of these habits in you too. Cutting out these ... Read More »

5 Ways To Unlock Your Inner Genius

secret of a genius

You undoubtedly have your own definition of what comprises a genius. Whether you subscribe to a purely statistical analysis of the subject whereby a person of a certain IQ score is a genius, or if you believe that being a genius means that one is a visionary or an inventor, or if you have a checklist of characteristics that one ... Read More »

End Your Week With These 4 Important Questions


Do you sometimes stop and wonder how well you know yourself? We are so rushed in life’s race that we often forget to do any self-inquiry, to know ourselves better and to ask ourselves some questions for our own well-being. The right questions will determine the kind of person you become in the long run. Just like we write end ... Read More »

8 Ways To Bring Out Your Creative Genius


You may have found yourself saying, “I’m not creative,” or some derivative of it. Statements like this can be destructive to your psyche. This is not only because you should try to avoid negative self-talk for your esteem and confidence, but because we become what our brains tell us to be. Therefore, if you’re telling yourself that you aren’t this ... Read More »

Spirituality and the Mind: Are We Wired for Worship?


The astounding force that we know as spirituality and the widespread practice of religion in nearly every culture in the world has had, at its core, intensely massive effect on entire civilizations of people and has altered the course of our very history. But, why is this so? Is there a neurological or scientific reason for our desire to be ... Read More »