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Our Ego: So Fragile And Complex

i am worth it

We human beings are a highly complex, inscrutable, and fascinating species. For many major beliefs across the planet, we represent the epitome of creation, yet we are ridden with both irony and paradox. We love and we hate, we have our strengths and weaknesses, and virtues and vices in abundance. Each of us possess both resilience and fragility, and we ... Read More »

Addiction: How Your Mindset Is Hindering Your Recovery


Author Napoleon Hill once said, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” While this may sound like another motivational quote, there is actually a lot of truth in this statement, especially when it comes to fighting addictive behaviors. You may be surprised to read this, especially since you may believe that addiction could only be countered with ... Read More »

Can Your Mind Actually Create Physical Pain?

body chemistry

I bet all of you have experienced the itching sensation, which seems unbearable in that moment especially when you are not allowed to scratch. I also bet that, right now, reading about itching, actually makes you want to scratch. So, if the mind is capable of creating an itch, what else could it be capable of creating? Imagine your mind crowded ... Read More »

Is Codependence An Addiction?


Codependent personalities use maladaptive dependence on others to help them experience a sense of significance and self-worth. It is also a psychological survival strategy to deal with real and imagined stressful circumstances. In essence, codependency involves an addiction to someone else; specifically, an addiction to a peculiar kind of relationship with another person. Codependence is a compulsive, vicarious way of ... Read More »

The Greatest Unmet Need Of An Intuitive


From big companies (like Oracle and Zappos) to small ones and solopreneurs, from individuals trying to get to the next level to couples in failing relationships, to people just trying to figure out what they want in life. In almost every context, when I profile and coach an Intuitive I hear the same story again and again: “My parents just ... Read More »

15 Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Life

person to change your life

It’s quite common that at one point in our life we loose desire to improve or change anything. We feel content with where we are. Life goes by on autopilot. Then we get depressed… and unless we have a great supportive people around, it’s hard to steer  towards change alone. Sometimes it’s just one area of your life that is ... Read More »

How Serotonin Affects Your Behavior


Serotonin is one of the most essential neuromediators of the brain, serving a number of complex functions. Key among them is transmitting signal to various synapses. Serotonin belongs to a group of biogenic amines, chemicals that facilitate the transmission of signals between body cells. While there have been a number of studies about nerve cells that rely on serotonin to ... Read More »

10 Tips To Help You Master New Skills Fast

new skills

We all want to become better – better in business, relationships, sports… This is an essential part of life especially if you want be happier, increase self-esteem and simply advance in life. Whether it’s a new skill you want to master for your job or just for fun, you need to learn new things, broaden your existing skills and above ... Read More »