Wednesday , 22 September 2021
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5 Daily Habits That Will Turn Your Life Around


There is no one-size-fits-all productivity solution. Different people have different ways to get things done. As much as you love technology, it might not be how you plan your day. But it can still help in giving you the right non-tech tools to manage your day. There’s nothing worse than going through life, feeling like a zombie, day in and day ... Read More »

3 Celebrities That Lead The Consciousness Awakening Movement


As we become more consciously aware, we come to the conclusion that there is something intense and unbalanced about the way that we create “celebrities” in the world. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people all putting their focus on individual people – movie stars, musicians, and even politicians… for those on the receiving end of such mass attention, ... Read More »

Breakthroughs In Modern Psychology


Similar to all of the changes that the Industrial Revolution has brought about in the previous centuries in the world of work, the field of psychology has also had its share of advances that has transformed the way we live and think in the world today when compared to life a couple hundred years ago. Modern psychology has shown us ... Read More »

The Secrets Of A Creative Mind

creative mind

As we reach an era when actual brain studies can be performed, and where we can draw conclusions about what makes a person the way they are – or perhaps, who they are – it is noteworthy that creativity, genius, or highly-creative individuals have been portrayed as prone for being tormented, having issues and generally being closer to mental disorder. ... Read More »

Mysteries Of The Mind: Consult Your Dreams For A More Fulfilling Life


Ideas about where dreams come from, what they mean, if anything, and what to do with them, abound. However, most modern psychologists tend to agree that dreams originate in the subconscious or unconscious part of the mind, and serve definite psychological purposes. Contemporary mystics regard dreams as communications from your Higher Self which, in turn, is synonymous with related concepts ... Read More »

Must See It To Believe: How To Access Your Subconscious


Would you believe me if I said I have seen muscles of the body talking to the mind? My faith in energy therapies grew by leaps and bounds when I saw energy therapists enabling the client’s subconscious knowledge to be expressed through the muscles of the arms in the form of yes or no answers. This makes me believe the ... Read More »

Can Your Mind Actually Create Physical Pain?

body chemistry

I bet all of you have experienced the itching sensation, which seems unbearable in that moment especially when you are not allowed to scratch. I also bet that, right now, reading about itching, actually makes you want to scratch. So, if the mind is capable of creating an itch, what else could it be capable of creating? Imagine your mind crowded ... Read More »

2 Students Sneak Into A Classroom. What They Did Inspired Thousands!

what you do while procrastinating

Two students at the Columbus College of Art and Design are creating quite a stir… but not what you might think. They aren’t breaking or stealing anything, quite the opposite actually – they are creating art that is nothing short of amazing! This talented duo, who go by the name Dangerdust, sneak into a classroom every week and create a masterpiece out ... Read More »

Mandalas And The Subconscious Mind


One of the amazing things about ancient civilizations is how different peoples, even when separated by thousands of miles, came up with similar ideas, all independently. Everyone knows about the pyramids in Egypt, but did you know that there are also pyramids in Central and South America, as well as other places around the globe? These were all built in ... Read More »