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6 Surprising Facts About Rejection


They say life is a journey, meant to be experienced, cherished, and enjoyed. However, what they often fail to mention is that life can hurt too, a lot. It does so often and with relish, and the biggest weapon at its disposal is rejection. We have all experienced it, in one form or another, and in all walks of life ... Read More »

10 Life Choices You Will Regret In 10 Years


Life is all about choices we make. It’s not always easy to think about your life ten years from now, but if you could, what regrets would you have? These ten choices will definitely lead to regrets, though, so avoid these life choices as much as possible. 1. Creating and maintaining a fake persona to impress others. If you constantly ... Read More »

What Moms Should Tell You, But Don’t!

moms embrace hug

Aging is inevitable. It’s called ‘growing up’ during the younger years, but when you cross those years and start becoming an adult it becomes ‘aging’. Some mothers do tell their kids about the changes they will be experiencing when aging and some don’t. So, here are a few of the changes you will be facing while growing which your mom ... Read More »

What An Amazing Hug! Learn How To Give a Perfect Hug


It is true that nutrition and exercise are important for living a productive and healthy life. However, hugs can be just as helpful, by keeping you in a good mood, which is always beneficial for your health. So, when was the last time you gave or received a hug? If it’s been a while, find somebody to hug right now! ... Read More »

Give Versus Get: The Science Behind Giving

fireman saving

Within the never-ending debate of science vs. religion, morality – and altruism, in particular – always emerges as a sub-point; more specifically, does religion teach us altruism? Many religions believe that without religion altruism, and giving, is not in the cards; while the scientific point of view concludes that altruism and giving are innate and programmed in our genes. Important ... Read More »

A Different Approach: ALS From A Chinese Medicine Perspective


With the recent media attention given to the ALS Icebucket Challenge, I thought it would be beneficial to consider Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis from a Chinese medicine perspective. Ah…the ALS Icebucket Challenge: it’s got everyone from Justin Bieber to George W. Bush dumping buckets of ice-water on their heads; it’s got California environmentalists annoyed because people are wasting water in a ... Read More »

3 Steps To Change Life For the Better


We have all been in situations that affect our life in negative ways. For some of us, getting out of these situations can be very hard to do. In extreme cases, we may even feel that it is impossible to free ourselves from these stressful situations. The moment you start thinking that it is impossible to turn your life around, ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Making Plans Is A Bad Idea

making plans

Modern-day technology is a gift and enables us to plan effectively both in our professional and social environments. We have email, SMS, online calendars and hand-held devices where we can store appointments, commitments and other useful pieces of information. Related: 15 Self-Imposed Commitments That Aren’t Making You Happier, Healthier, or Better It is necessary to make plans. Our lives could end ... Read More »

10 Things That Come With Grieving Process


Coping with the loss of a loved one cannot be equated with anything else on the planet. We all have an appointment with death which we will honor someday.  A few weeks ago, the angel of death passed by my family and took away with it my lovely mum. While this was an extremely painful moment (it still is), it ... Read More »

131 Best Documentaries That Expand Consciousness


Do you enjoy watching documentaries? If you are anything like me, always find yourself wondering what to watch that will not only expand consciousness, provide some life lessons, and simply help be a better person, you will really appreciate this list. Here they are: 1. Home (2009) 2. Thrive (2011) 3. Paradise or Oblivion (2012) 4. Love, Reality and the Time of Transition (2011) 5. Earthlings (2005) 6. Everything ... Read More »